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  1. Hi Symek thanks for checking the scene file. You are absolutely right it must have been cops cache problem. When I opened it this morning its working. I'm often caught out by a cache problem in houdini and chasing my tail for an hour before I open and close a scene ! I see the qlib tools mentioned above by eyfox have a flush cache in the shelf tools, I'll give that a go. Thanks again Symek John
  2. Hi Symek I'm trying out your snippet suggestion but failing to get it to work. I think I'm missing some basic piece of the knowledge puzzle. I've made a simple example but I'm not able to see my colour attribute spread out in the cops viewport as a flattened uv image. Any light shed would be most appreciated thanks John Attribute_to_cops_by_UV.hip
  3. HOT 1.0rc9 for OS X 11.1.67

    thanks a lot for that! I've been waiting for some one to compile this for ages , after a few failed attempts myself. thanks John
  4. soft bodies

    Yep it would be great if you could do this, I was having a go at this last year and it was way out of my know-how so I gave up. they do work with collisions don't they , as in they'll hit and move rigid bodies. I think they're working as particles aren't they? and so maybe they're not creating rigid bodies that other particle squishy objects can interact with. Did you manage to get any further with it? I thought it would be great to use in character rigs where you could pin the squishy objects to joints and have them interact as muscles.
  5. Houdini 11 issues

    I also Have same black screen error must be cross platform also pixelating polygons when near and far , looks cool but no good for usability running a new mac pro 8 core ATI Radeon HD 5770 mac10.6.4
  6. sprite shader

    Brilliant thanks anim works a treat John
  7. sprite shader

    Okay thought about your solution a little more so you use just one still and offset it? Cool. Did you ever work out the other approach ? John
  8. sprite shader

    Hi Tallen I'm trying to do something similar. I want my sprites to reference a random selection of stills. I've made a material which references some very simple vex code some texture and a color multiplied into an output. Did you work out how to get a sop variable into the string reference of the texture to select multiple texture files for your sprites or do you have a completely different approach? Any help would be well appreciated. John
  9. accessing Position data

    Sorry about the belated response did you find a solve ? is where I read about it I think it's the origin() expression that might be usefull, I'm not sure was a long time ago now John
  10. re referencing characters once weighted

    attribstringedit is the way John
  11. Good day/eve to you I'm trying to replace the bone references for my weighted, skinned and deformed character. I can change the references in the Capture node and the data will update and deform appropriately for this node.(I change the text BVH1 to BVH2 etc..) I tried doing the same for my Capturemirror and Capturelayerpaint but got bad results, they where still referencing the old bones. I gathered that data was being stored inside them so looked at the spreadsheet. The old bones where referenced when I changed the capture reference in the capture node higher up in the hierarchy, and when unchanged they looked like 'relative?' references. Is there anyway I can get my weights to update relative to the capture node further up in the hierarchy? Maybe there's an easier way to switch skeleton rigs and keep all the skin weighting? Thanks John
  12. Hello all I'm extremely new to houdini's character rigging so my apologies for the pedestrian question, I'm using the autorig tools and trying to alter the different capture regions before I animate my character. I made an auto rig and brought in my geometry. I've then pressed the create rig button, which creates the animation and deform rigs. I go to 'skin' node within the biped deform rig and switch the display flag on the capture bones node so I can edit the capture regions without deforming the geometry. This I can do with spine bones head neck shoulders and arm bones. But for some reason I can't edit the leg foot and hand bones in the display , I have to resort to altering them in the deform regions parameters for each of them. Is there a way of activating them for editing in the display? Thanks John
  13. accessing Position data

    I've just read the "Finding World Space Values" it was helpfull. I used chops to to import the particle geometry then added it to the imported channel of my goal constraint. works well except I need to zero the goal constraint first and emit my particle from the original wire point so it that it makes more sense cheers john
  14. Hello and Bonjour I've got a problem that probably has a very simple solution, nevertheless I can't see it. boo. I've made a wire simulation with a wire constraint, and I'd like to animate the goal of the wire constraint. I've also made a particle simulation with one particle bouncing around the interior of a box. How do i link the goal constraint with the movement of the particle. Do I use chops? Thanks Peoples John
  15. That's brilliant Anim I've just been playing with it and it almost does exactly what I want, the sprites don't always line up with normals , but I see now that I can play around with the comb sop and get the sprites facing the way I want that way. Thank you very much indeed! I'll post an image of my results in a few weeks Thanks again John