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  1. Hi Chris I copied and pasted nodes from your scene opened in version 17 into a copy of your scene openned in version 17.5. I was trying to debug it by version. When I mentioned editing it I meant typing in the snippet then undoing it so that it might update the cache. So no apparent user logic Does the file I uploaded work for you now ?
  2. Hi Chris Its behaving oddly for me to, could be cache not sure. I opened your project in 17.5 it didn't work I opened my own it didn't work. I then went to H17 and my project didn't work until I edited it a little. It then worked . I copied and pasted my vopnet into yours and then edited a little then undid back to the original and worked . I did the same between H17 and H17.5 Anyway cache or H17.5 bug I'm not sure, but this one works now (on my machine!) copimport_sops_JB.hipnc
  3. Thanks Skybar that did do the trick for the v@custom_UP , I think the v@custom_pivot I had made was throwing me off course. Any v@up other than from the @N would through my rotations way off using it. I'll stick to the centroid for now even though its not perfectly on the surface of my polys. Thanks again John prim_rotate01_custom_up_axis02.hip
  4. Hi Skybar Thanks for that, I'd read elsewhere that may have been the thing to do but it doesn't seem to be working here. I'm going to turn my machine off and on in case its some daft cache error John
  5. Hi there this is really puzzling me and I was wondering if anyone could help. I'm making polygons disconnect and rotate. I'd like more control than the old primitive sop allows over direction of rotation so I've packed the polygons and I'm attempting to rotate them using some custom vectors. First I ran into trouble with the pivot not being as I'd expected on the surface of the polygon so I made a custom pivot. Then a wrangle rotating around an up vector generated from the prim @N worked fine. I then tried to make a custom @upA , firstly it did some very odd things with the transforms even when the values were set the same as the correctly working v@up. I noticed that the vector type was different than @up so converted the vector from float to 'vector' type xyz . So on the face of it the attributes look exactly the same. But very strangely produce different @orient results. Any help much appreciated Ta John prim_rotate01_custom_up_axis01.hip
  6. wrangle - string reference in vex from spare parameter

    That works a treat Thomas Thankyou very much
  7. Ok milad You could try and re-order and shift in Chops . this discussion - you could perhaps do the same but in sets of your_points * 3 . your birds have 12 points , so re order numerically then floor ($C / 48) perhaps.
  8. Hi Milad I would investigate doing this with the agent tools. Make your bird into an agent and then make a crowd of birds. There will be parameters to offset them in time with these tools. Or are you more interested in chops ? Thanks John
  9. Map Box Node Texture

    Hi Oliver I think if you look inside the mapbox node you will find a cop network which you can reference from your material. If you cannot enter the node , right click and select 'allow editing of content'. Look up the "op:/img/ " expression. You will probably end up writing something like this - /obj/geo1/sop_mapbox1/cop2net1/OUT. Thanks John
  10. Hi there, this is probably way simple and a dumb question but.... I'm trying to make a tool that will use a string from a spare parameter and use it to reference geometry on a drive. The point() function works if I type in the value - check . I can make a new attribute and reference the spare parameter- check. But when I use the string attribute or directly reference using ch('myparameter') from within the point() function I draw a blank. I suspect its changing the string to float or something in the point() function. Any help much appreciated Thanks John //mycode s@mystring = chs(“geo”); v@Cd = point("mystring",“Cd”,@ptnum); v@P = point(“mystring”,“P”,@ptnum);
  11. Hi Symek thanks for checking the scene file. You are absolutely right it must have been cops cache problem. When I opened it this morning its working. I'm often caught out by a cache problem in houdini and chasing my tail for an hour before I open and close a scene ! I see the qlib tools mentioned above by eyfox have a flush cache in the shelf tools, I'll give that a go. Thanks again Symek John
  12. Hi Symek I'm trying out your snippet suggestion but failing to get it to work. I think I'm missing some basic piece of the knowledge puzzle. I've made a simple example but I'm not able to see my colour attribute spread out in the cops viewport as a flattened uv image. Any light shed would be most appreciated thanks John Attribute_to_cops_by_UV.hip
  13. HOT 1.0rc9 for OS X 11.1.67

    thanks a lot for that! I've been waiting for some one to compile this for ages , after a few failed attempts myself. thanks John
  14. soft bodies

    Yep it would be great if you could do this, I was having a go at this last year and it was way out of my know-how so I gave up. they do work with collisions don't they , as in they'll hit and move rigid bodies. I think they're working as particles aren't they? and so maybe they're not creating rigid bodies that other particle squishy objects can interact with. Did you manage to get any further with it? I thought it would be great to use in character rigs where you could pin the squishy objects to joints and have them interact as muscles.
  15. Houdini 11 issues

    I also Have same black screen error must be cross platform also pixelating polygons when near and far , looks cool but no good for usability running a new mac pro 8 core ATI Radeon HD 5770 mac10.6.4