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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for this. I'll definitely go through the file and post back.
  2. I'd like to continue this conversation. I was searching for a solution and came to this thread. I also want to know the entire process of this pause and resume. The cache files are being stored as bgeo.sc . Please share a step-by-step process to pause and resume. I chose 'save to disk in background' and I got this render manager box. How can I pause this process, shut down my laptop and resume back from where it started?
  3. Very slow redshift render

    Thanks a lot Flcc and Atom. I'll definitely dig deeper in the sampling documentation.
  4. Very slow redshift render

    Actually I posted there too. A maxon employee is saying that my hardware is not compatible which I find bit weird. All the requirements are being fulfilled by my hardware except the VRAM is 4GB instead of GB. https://redshift.maxon.net/topic/39413/very-slow-and-noisy-render-with-very-less-geometry/11 If other rendering engines like V-Ray, Twinmotion, Keyshot and Lumion are compatible with my machine, how can Redshift be incompatible?
  5. Very slow redshift render

    Awesome! Thank you so much! It took 43 seconds now! You're talking about these sampling settings right? You changed only these or something else too? I did another render using the same file as yours and turned on the Optix denoiser. It got rendered in 1 min 18 secs.! How to decide whether Optix should be used or samples should be increased? By trial and error?
  6. Very slow redshift render

    Yeah. It's very frustrating to see this. Later on I enabled Altus denoiser dual pass and the render took freaking more than 1 hour to render. Here are the denoising settings. Here's the Hip file. redshift-issue_1hour-render.hip The hardware that I'm using is already mentioned in the original post. Houdini is installed on Samsung Evo 970 NVMe SSD. It has 30Gb free out of 231 GB. I'm using the latest studio driver for my graphics card. My windows is up to date.
  7. Batch render in redshift?

    Okay I can understand making multiple RS Rops and assign them to different cameras and wiring them into a merge. Can you please share a screenshot for setting it to node by node?
  8. I am new to Redshift. For a very basic scene with three objects, at a resolution of 1280x720, it took 13 minutes to render. I have intel core-i7-8750H, Nvidia GTX1050ti -4GB and 16GB of RAM. This is the output. I have rendered more complex scenes in Keyshot at a resolution of 1350x1350 and it takes 6 minutes max for them on my machine. Please suggest a solution. Here's the houdini file. REDSHIFT ISSUE.hip
  9. I don't know what setting I have accidentally toggled. I am able to make a sphere in Houdini but box and platonic solids aren't showing up. Even when I start a new file. What should I do? I made this video recording 2021-10-13 22-57-14.mkv geometry issue.hip
  10. Reducing noise in Redshift?

    Okay. I'll experiment more with dome lights and increasing material samples. What exactly is a reflexion?
  11. I converted chose VDB in the 'Convert to' drop down menu and the volume disappears totally. If I connect the volume vop output to vdb segment by connectivity, then it's also blank. vdb segmentation problem.hip
  12. Thank you so much! How did you record this gif animation?