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  1. Thanks a ton. VEX is something that I have learnt the very beginning of (from VEX isn't scary series by NineBetween) and I have to spend more hours in learning and understanding it, and only then your point wrangle will make sense to me. Isn't this type of rotation possible by adding some references in the pivot transform or pivot rotate option in the transform node?
  2. I have a set of items that I copied over a grid of points. Now in order to rotate each of the item on its own individual axis, I used 'For each connected connected piece' but unfortunately, the entire set of geometry rotates on one single axis. How can I do otherwise? PIVOT ROTATE QUESTION.hip
  3. How can I view threads/posts created on these forums by a specific author only? Currently advanced search forces me to search posts by an author by using a keyword. It doesn't allow searching without keywords.
  4. Yes. Exactly!. How can we request a website update for this forum to fix this bug ?
  5. Superb! Thanks a lot.
  6. I have an AutoDOP Network that I am trying to select for 'heat within object' feature. No matter how much I try to click and select, drag a window around it, it doesn't get selected. What should I do? Sharing a screenrecording of what I face. selection issue.hip
  7. Clicking on 'see their activity' only shows the recent posts. It doesn't show all the posts. I can only see your posts till June 30 if I check your profile. I am currently on this page. https://forums.odforce.net/profile/5017-librarian/ Moreover, there's no filter to choose between 'posts' only or 'threads started' only.
  8. Wonderful! Thank you so much! I have some more questions. What exactly is this outer huge bounding box and how can I temporarily disable the preview of it? When I press 'F', I get zoomed out a lot and have to zoom in back again. Also, how can I disable the preview of the particles while being inside the dop network? I want to remain inside the dop network and play with the parameters in order to see the final result of the melting cube. If I toggle on the preview of my object 'box_object1_fluid', it overlays with the particles also. Even though I have toggled the 'hidden' mode of the output node, I still see the particles.
  9. I've never done installation of sidefx labs like this. I always check the box for sidefx lab when Houdini installs. Maybe you can run the setup of Houdini again and check that box? I did a similar thing for installing Houdini Engine for Unreal. I ran the Houdini setup again and checked the respective box. Your Houdini version is 19.5 but this code mentions 19.0 and 19.1. Maybe that is the issue?
  10. I've never done installation of sidefx labs like this. I always check the box for sidefx lab when Houdini installs. Maybe you can run the setup of Houdini again and check that box? I did a similar thing for installing Houdini Engine for Unreal. I ran the Houdini setup again and checked the respective box.
  11. Is there anyway VEX editor for attrib wrangle pinpoints the line in which there's an error? I understand the code which I typed here but wondering if I keep expanding it and hit an error, some error checker would assist me. Just like in MS word or typing an email in gmail, spelling errors get highlighted with a red-line. I wrote 'anything random' in line 6 just to see what happens. The error box labeled (21,1). What does it mean?
  12. I am fracturing a sphere and learning about fracturing from this tutorial. At 15 min 33 seconds, the tutor has information about depth volume voxel size for the detail panel of RBD material fracture. However at my end, I am not having any such feature. How to enable it? The documentation for 19.5 also mentions about voxel size in this node but I'm not having it. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/rbdmaterialfracture.html
  13. I see. Thanks again.
  14. I am following this youtube tutorial for VEX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xhmDWAyPRA At 14 min 48 seconds, he achieves a bounce effect. However, when I press the play button, the shape doesn't act that way. It only expands and contracts once. I have typed in the same code but the ramp isn't resetting the shape after regular time intervals. What is it that I am doing wrong? VEXISNTSCARY_PART4_channel func_query.hip Here's a short screenrecording that I made vex question.mp4
  15. Thanks a lot . Editing the time worked really well. Can you also check out the tutorial please? I wonder why the same line of code worked for the tutor but not for me.
  16. Yes. That's what I eventually do. I takes a while to unlearn the muscle memory of double clicking the file and let it open directly, after working for somedays or months in Cinema 4D and Zbrush. So I am looking for some tweak that allows me to double click the file and at the same time stops Houdini from opening another instance, and force the double clicked file to open in Houdini only.
  17. I am using Houdini on Windows 10. Usually when one Houdini file is open and I double click on another file in windows explorer, another instance of Houdini opens up. Is there a way that double clicking the file doesn't launch a new Houdini instance and opens directly in the already open Houdini window?
  18. In Houdini versions earlier than 19.5, the vex editor for attrib wrangle looks like this. But in Houdini 19.5, it looks like this with additional options in the bottom left as a drop down menu. Automatically, it switches to Hexscript mode and messes up the code by adding additional inverted commas in the beginning and end of the code. Any way to avoid it?
  19. Unable to animate particles

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. That did it. I changed the translate values in this to all zero. And I got it!
  20. I am trying to follow this tutorial for particle animation. However, when I press the play button as he does at 12 min 41 sec in the video, my particles remain in the same place. Please suggest a solution. particles_experiment_r19.hip
  21. Unable to animate particles

    I see. Thanks! In the tutorial, there was no option of air resistance so I set it to zero. Now, here's what I get. The advection is happening in kinda semicircular way.
  22. Alright. Thanks for sharing the hip file. I'm checking your file and studying each component. I have some questions. 1. What is the reason behind adding dop import field? 2. In the tutorial video, after selecting the sphere and clicking on the billowy smoke solver, the sphere automatically gets connected in the system of the smoke. Whereas when I do it at my end, it doesn't happen. Here's a screenrecording of a comparison between the video and what I encounter.
  23. I am trying to follow this tutorial for particles. I am using Houdini 19 but this tutorial was made in Houdini 18. The DOP network for billowy smoke sim in the tutorial looks like this whereas at my end it looks like this. It contained sparse pyrsolver and I replaced it with regular pyrosolver which was already there in the tutor's UI. When I added it, a box appeared out of nowhere. How do I remove it? Here's the houdini file. particles_experiment.hip
  24. Save .hipnc instead of .hip

    What is the procedure to do this? Where exactly do I have to enter this command? I came to this thread while searching for the method to convert hipnc to hip.
  25. I come from architecture background and therefore have spent many years working on SketchUp and Rhino where I use dragging middle mouse button for orbiting and shift+middle mouse button for panning the view. How can I setup Houdini in the same way? I went to edit>hotkeys but couldn't find the option for panning and orbiting. Currently shift+mmb does a slow pan and dragging the mmb does a fast pan.