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  1. Good old metal bending. Help with VEX

    Hi @Peony, so you want to break the constrain based on angle. what u can do is if(@angle>(keep the vale you want )){ removeprim(0,@primnum,1); } once go through the help go know more about removeprim function and make sure you use a sop solver in dop network so that you can delete constraint over time.
  2. Hey buddies, I'm trying to create boiling lava I have crated the sim but I wanted to texture based on the temperature, which I'm unable to do can you guys help me solving the problem please check the HIP file attached. Thank you. lava R&D_08(needed texturing).hipnc
  3. Hey buddies, can anyone help me fixing this problem

    @underscoreus Ya, man I didn't notice it and it's working now Thanks' man thanks a lot! @Ultraman The way you solved this problem is really good thanks bro thanks for the help.
  4. Newbie display question

    hey itai, there is no problem with the viewport you, I'm sharing a snip bellow go there and change it to "show all objects", then everything will be back normal.
  5. I'm trying use seed attribute which is exported from pointvop to primitivewrangle and create cluster for my destruction please check the bellow file please help me out. cluster.hipnc