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  1. I keep getting this error message when I try and ip render from a mantra node: Warning: invalid .mplay_lock file detected mantra: Could not open imager I've gotten this error message in the past, but it would normally just go away after restarting Houdini. However, this time I get this error message every time I open a new Houdini session. I'm currently using Vista and I first noticed this happening around the time I installed SP2 last week. I'm not sure if these two are connected. I've tried to reinstall Houdin completely, which doesn't help. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or know a work around? Thanks!
  2. Import Velocity Data from DOPS

    Does anyone know how to effectively import velocity data from DOPs so that they can be used in POPs? I am trying to create a particle fire that is driven by fluids. I looked into Miguel Perez's example below, but the velocity from DOPs is not affecting the particles whatsoever. Please let me know of any ideas...
  3. Fire Whirl Project

    Hey guys, I am in the conceptual phase of a school project that I'm starting next Monday. I've recently been doing a "LOT" of research on tornadoes and I stumbled across an amazing natural phenomenon called a Fire Whirl. A Fire Whirl is essentially a tornado made of fire, a rare phenomenon that occurs mostly in forest fires. My plan for the project is to start out with a tornado that goes over a sea of flames, which causes the fire to become engulfed in the wind. I want this project to come out really strong. With that said, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could even further improve the idea? I'm open to any suggestions... Here is some reference footage that I plan to use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hczOv4DeI
  4. Fire Whirl Project

    Does this direct work flow only work in Houdini 10? I'm using 9.5 and the Gas Dissipate Dop isn't compatible.
  5. Fire Whirl Project

    I've started roughing in the basic tornado movement for this project. What I did was used the particle to field DOP to allow particles to emit fluid smoke. I am also using a vortex force in DOPs to help drive the motion of the fluid smoke. Here are a few test flipbook renders of what I have so far. Tornado_Flipbook_Test_V1.mov Tornado_Flipbook_Test_V2.mov
  6. Fire Whirl Project

    I've taken the Houdini particles class and now I'm taking Studio II. Did you take Ronald Bernard in Savannah? I took Clarke Stallworth in Atlanta for my Houdini classes. Thanks for your input, I will look into these examples! Question: I know that DOPS can be used to drive a particle simulation, but how can I use particles to drive a DOPS fire simulation?
  7. "Elemental" - Car Commercial

    Hey guys...this is a group project that I've been working on for a school assignment. I used Houdini for all of the FX in the piece. Let me know what you think! http://vimeo.com/6368789
  8. "Elemental" - Car Commercial

    thanks for all the feedback and comments! Macha, I used the Craft Animation plugin in Maya to do the car animation. The only keyframed shot was the last one...where the car is swerving, but I see what you mean though. I'll keep you guys posted when I make some updates.
  9. "Elemental" - Car Commercial

    Sorry about that... It's set to public now. http://vimeo.com/6368789
  10. SIGGRAPH 2009 Questions

    Hey all, I will be attending Siggraph for the first time this year as a student volunteer. I am really looking forward to seeing what's new in the industry and talking to prospective employers. I have no idea what to expect because I have never been to a conference with the significance as Siggraph. One of my main focuses to is to make contacts with as many people as possible for networking purposes. Has anyone been to Siggraph before? What was the experience like? Are the representatives from different studios easy to talk with? One thing I am concerned about is just being another face in the crowd. How can I make myself stand out?
  11. SIGGRAPH 2009 Questions

    Good idea...ill keep that one in mind! lol
  12. Marq Faulkner - Demo Reel

    I recently finished my website and now have my demo reel posted. Check it out and let me know what you think. I am open to all suggestions and feedback. The link to my page is www.marQFX.com.
  13. Where Are You Now?

    I'm currently in Atlanta, GA. But I'm planning to move out to LA sometime before this year is over.
  14. Fire Hydrant Leak

    Hey guys, I've been working on a piece involving a fire hydrant that initially leaks water. As the pressure builds up, the front cap comes flying off and water starts to gush out of the front. Below is what I have so far. Right now, I only have the leak from the right side. I plan to add more leaking areas before the cap explodes. Are there any suggestions or comments what I've done to this point? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Hydrant_Leak.mov
  15. Fire Hydrant Leak

    I finaly got a chance to revisit this project once more. What do you guys think about the opacity of the water now? Hydrant_V2.mov
  16. Bats

    This project is my first attempt at instancing geometry onto particles in Houdini. I modeled a low res version of a bat so that the particles coming out of the cave wouldn't be too render intensive. I then, had a higher resolution bat for the foreground bats that pass by. What do you guys think? Bats.mov
  17. Bats

    Thanks for all of your feedback. I made the bats a little smaller on this go around. I also found an error with the copy stamping expression. Fixing this improved the bat flap cycle. Before they looked like butterflies as Netvudu mentioned. I think the flaps are a lot smoother and they look more like bats now. I still intend to break the uniformity a little more so that they look more eratic, but what are your thoughts on this version? Bats_Low.mov
  18. Bats

    I experienced the exact same problem with the flapping speed. I don't know what it is, but I'm just fascinated with bats. Like you said, I was inspired by Batman Begins to do this piece. The opening scene where the bats fly across the sunset and form the batman symbol is amazing to me!
  19. Fire Hydrant Leak

    Hey guys. I took your feedback about the water. I made it more transparent and refractive so that it reads more like water than foam. I also added a little camera movement to sell this piece a little more as being real. What do you guys think about these updates? Hydrant_V1.mov
  20. Warning: invalid .mplay_lock file detected Help

    I ended up trying a lot of things to work around this issue. Oddly enough, the H8Mantra node works perfectly for me. I can render to ip with no issues. I'll try the "Outbound-Only Access" trick to see if that works too.
  21. particle emit particles

    Try using a Split POP, which basically births particles from an existing particle.
  22. Renaming a BGEO sequence

    Adobe Bridge is great for renaming file sequences quickly.
  23. Warning: invalid .mplay_lock file detected Help

    I'm running version 9.5 currently, but the same thing happens on version 10. To answer your questions: It does still render to mplay when the error message displays, but nothing will show in the render view. I tried turning off the firewall for mplay, setting the HOUDINI_MDISPLAY_WAIT_TIME variable in the Houdini.env file, and I also verified that the PID number from the lock file matches the mplay proccess. There is something weird happening because where it says Rendering #% at the top left, the numbers are overlapping. I've included a screenshot to show what I'm talking about. I also uploaded my Houdini.env file with the HOUDINI_MDISPLAY_WAIT_TIME variable set. One more thing to note: The Houdini.env file didn't have any variables to begin with. I had to manually put the HOUDINI_MDISPLAY_WAIT_TIME in there. Is this normal? houdinienv.txt
  24. Warning: invalid .mplay_lock file detected Help

    I tried to rename the $HOME/Houdini folder, which doesn't work for me. In fact, everytime I renamed the folder and kicked off another render, a new folder with the orignal name was created. One thing I noticed is that when I render, the .mplay_lock file appears in the $HOME/Houdini folder. Deleting this file doesn't do anything though. Any more suggestions?
  25. Fire Hydrant Leak

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll definately go back to adjust the water a little more. Drmerman, to answer your question: I rendered in passes and composited in Shake.