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  1. Hi, I am currently trying to setup a render farm and I am having some truble sumbitting the ifd's to the farm. We are generating our IFD's locally and I am trying to render them on the farm using Rush but I only have a rush submission script for the Houdini file (from rush examples) and not the section which just renders the IFD's. If anyone has a script or a guide on how to setup this up it would really be apprciated. Looking forward to your reply. Many Thanks and Kind Regards James
  2. HOT Linux H11.1.118

    Problem resolved in regards to the setup.py issue. The python command was running an old version of python. Instead type: - python2.5 setup.py bdist Not sure about the hcustom problem but toolkit is compiled so will host shortly.
  3. HOT Linux H11.1.118

    Hello, I am currently looking into getting the Ocean Toolkit running on H11.1.118 on CentOS 5.3 - GCC 4.1.2. I have come across an number of errors when trying to compile the code for our current build and was wondering if anyone can assist. The first problem I encounter is when I test the HDK by running hcustom SOP_Star.C and I receive this error in my terminal. ------------------------------------- [root@lapc40 SOP]# hcustom SOP_Star.C Making SOP_Star.o and /root/houdini11.1/dso/SOP_Star.so from SOP_Star.C /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h: In member function 'UT_Vector3* GB_AttributeBuffer::asV3(int)': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h:81: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h: In member function 'UT_Vector4* GB_AttributeBuffer::asV4(int)': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h:89: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h: In member function 'UT_Matrix3* GB_AttributeBuffer::asM3(int)': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h:97: warning: type-punning to incomplete type might break strict-aliasing rules /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h: In member function 'UT_Matrix4* GB_AttributeBuffer::asM4(int)': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/GB/GB_AttributeBuffer.h:105: warning: type-punning to incomplete type might break strict-aliasing rules /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/SYS/SYS_AtomicPtrImpl.h: In member function 'T* SYS_AtomicPtr<T>::exchange(T*) [with T = OP_TaskStateProxy]': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/OP/OP_TaskState.h:65: instantiated from here /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/SYS/SYS_AtomicPtrImpl.h:32: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/SYS/SYS_AtomicPtrImpl.h: In member function 'T* SYS_AtomicPtr<T>::compare_swap(T*, T*) [with T = OP_TaskStateProxy]': /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/OP/OP_TaskState.h:122: instantiated from here /peerless/software/houdini/hfs11.1.118/toolkit/include/SYS/SYS_AtomicPtrImpl.h:49: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules ------------------------------------- If I run ./build_linux.sh for HOT the compile doesn't provide any error messages but when I try to run python setup.py bdist I get the following error: [root@lapc40 src]# python setup.py bdist Traceback (most recent call last): File "setup.py", line 19, in ? paver.tasks.main() File "paver-minilib.zip/paver/tasks.py", line 615, in main File "paver-minilib.zip/paver/tasks.py", line 595, in _launch_pavement File "pavement.py", line 48 with pushd(path('../docs')): ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax If anyone could provide me with some advice on what may be causing this issue and how to resolve it or if someone has managed to compile HOT for H11.1.118 on CentOS 5.3 - GCC 4.1.2 and they have binary distribution that would great. Looking forward to your reply. Many Thanks and Kind Regards J
  4. REC709 Look-up Tables

    Hi Vector Blur and anyone who is interested in lookup tables for Houdini. You can find a detailed explaination on how to set these up on the following SideFX forum post. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=23700&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= Regards J
  5. REC709 Look-up Tables

    Hi Vector Blur, Thanks for replying to my post. This workflow is perfect but I am not sure REC709 is a power function of 0.45. As this is effectively the same a gamma 2.2 as 1/2.2 = 0.454545 which is closer to sRGB. I have tested a linear image in Nuke and the difference between sRGB and REC709 appears to be in the dark areas where REC709 seems to produce a more contrasty image, so I am little confused when I search the internet about the REC709 function and they say it should be 2.35-2.4 as this boosts the intensity of the image, giving more of a washed out look which is not what is represented in Nuke. Saying this though I am finding it hard to find a good definition of what REC709 is actually doing so I may be incorrect in what I have mentioned above. I will carry on hunting and hopefully come up with a solid answer. Thanks again Vector Blur, your workflow is the perfect process for tackling this issue. Many Thanks and Kind Regards J
  6. REC709 Look-up Tables

    Hi Julien, Thanks for repling to my post. Yeh, I noticed the .blut files for MPLAY and COPS just can't seem find one for REC709. I can remember there being a way of creating look-up tables in CHOPS but I can't remember the workflow for it. Thanks again J
  7. Hello, Does anybody know if there is a REC709 Lookup Table available for Houdini11? Many Thanks J
  8. Match Ocean Shader Disp in VOPSOP

    Hi Edward, Thanks for such a quick reply, ill take a look at the Shader Unwrap and post my findings. Many Thanks and Kind Regards J
  9. Hi Everyone, I am working with the Ocean Toolkit and currently developing the a system to drive the crest particle simulation. I am using the mineigval attribute to source the particles which works well but once I apply displacement to the surface via the shader the location of the particle source does not match. I looked into transferring the HOT values into a vopsop to match the displacement prior to the simulation but although results are close there is still an in discrepancy between the two. In the shader version there is a lot more surface detail which although is the main difference between two I am more focused on the position of the larger peaks which do not have the same position. Is there a way similar to using a SOP attribute to drive a shader; but use a shader attribute to drive surface geometry in VOPs. If anyone has any ideas how to solve this I would love to hear your suggestions. I have attached a .hip file to this post. Kind Regards J
  10. FLIP and Gas Vortex Microsolvers

    Hi, I am currently working with the FLIP solver in conjunction to the Gas Vortex Confinement Microsolver. I am a getting really nice results from the microsolver when it comes to creating swirls and fluid motion but I am finding that there is not enough control for the frequency of these swirls. As I understand the Gas Vortex Confinement Microsolver is taking the velocity of a particle, calculating the vortex direction and updating the particles velocity accordingly. Unfortunately soon as I reduce the speed or append something like a drag DOP the swirls become very large and other than the strength of the confinement I am unable to control the scale and frequency of these artifacts. Would I be right in thinking that I would need to create a custom vector field which I can adjust a particles velocity which can be referenced in the Microsolver instead of the 'curl' field? E.g. $V * newParameter = myCurl; Where myCurl gets read by the solver to effect the vortex but does not affect the speed of the particle. Or am I going down the completely wrong route? I would be very grateful for any help that can be offered or even if someone could give a heads up on the best way to incorporate a new vector field into a DOPs simulation. Many Thanks and Kind Regards
  11. posible in houdini on cooking sims

    ----------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, is it possible to define the numbers of processors used by a ROP Geometry output driver? It would be great to have a command section like on the Mantra render node or if anyone knows of a way to set up an environment variable which defines the number of processors used by Houdini. Many Thanks James
  12. Houdini Effect TD's Required

    A London based studio specializing in creating VFX for feature films is looking Houdini Effects TD's. Applicants must have a proven knowledge of the Houdini toolset in particular particles and volumetric effects and at least 1 years experience. Requirements - 1+ years experience in feature film. - Solid understanding of the Houdini and Mantra Toolset. - Excellent knowledge of 3D effects in particular particles and volume-based effects. - Ability to communicate and work with others. - Able to self-direct and organize your workload. - Background in Computer Animation, Film or related field. - Strong problem-solving skills. Would be beneficial if the applicant has knowledge of Maya and a compositing package such as Nuke or Shake. Please email you CV's and a link to your demo-reels/portfolio to: houdini.recruitment@gmail.com Please state "Attention: Recruiting/Houdini Effects TD" in the header of the email in addition to your name. Please provide contact details such as email and phone number in the body of the email. We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those candidates choosen for an interview will be contacted.