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  1. Ocean Tools and Graduation Project

    Very nice dude, impressive! I also used Florian Witzel's video as inspiration.
  2. Ocean Tools and Graduation Project

    I did this with the Look At VEX node which results in a 3x3 rotation matrix. Then I compute the distance between a point and the curve points which then determine the strength of the rotation, resulting in the progress of the wave. I hope I explained it clear enough. And sorry for the late reaction.
  3. Ocean Wave Tool: Ocean Interaction Tool: Used in my graduation project found here: Cheers, Maykel
  4. Procedural modelling experiments

    Very nice Kim! The system of painting the damage is impressive.
  5. Fracturing Glued Object

    That method should work, but I especially wanted it to do with dynamic fracturing instead of pre-fracturing! If I don't get it to work correctly soon than I will use your method for sure, thnx.
  6. Fracturing Glued Object

    Hi everybody, I working on a project were I have to collapse a lighthouse. I'm am trying to combine dynamic fracturing with a glued object but I cannot get it to work. I now have the main tower, upper part (an rbd object) with several objects glued to it. Once the tower hits the rock (see screenshot) all other objects fall of, but I want them still to stick to the tower. I tried a very high glue setting and also -1 which should cause them to never break but this doesn't work. If I pre-fracture and turn the main tower upper part into an glue object the dynamic voronoi fracture doesn't seem to work anymore. Any suggestions are welcome. Maykel
  7. Advice for large scale ocean

    Ok but how would I get accurate foam emission if I use displacement shaders? Is it possible to get the height and curvature information out of a deformation shader to use in a pop network?
  8. Compiled HOT WIN_x64 for H11.0.658

    Works perfect! Thnx.
  9. Advice for large scale ocean

    Hello everyone, I'm working on my graduation project which includes a few shots with a large scale ocean. At the moment I'm getting familiar with HOT, creating foam particles, etc. I'm doing this on small grids to test, but it already takes a lot of time to cook. I'm afraid how this is going to be on a large scale ocean which I need at the end. With large scale I mean that you can see the horizon. Can someone give any advice on how to approach this? I don't have access to a render farm so it has to be done on one pc. I'm using the non-commercial version. Cheers, Maykel
  10. Yes, that's right. I would give the hip file with the 2 nodes and the mesh file. Make the geometry path relative.
  11. You should end up with 3 nodes, not with 4. If you defined a mesh in the biped auto rig then the deform_rig should contain the mesh that is going to be deformed by the bones. The deform_rig node contains the skin geo node which has the CaptureLayerPaint node to paint the weights.
  12. Jumping Scatter Points

    Thnx. Overlooked that parameter. It works now.
  13. Jumping Scatter Points

    Not working for me. Thnx, I forgot the timeshift. Tried it now with timeshift but still there are points jumping. I've added the file so you can take a look. Play frame 100 to 150, there it is most obvious. jumping_scatter.rar
  14. Hi everybody, I have a skinned character and I'm scattering some points onto a certain area of the character. When I play the animation of the character some points jump to a different place on the area. I'm using the points for hairs. - I tried scattering before the deformation of the character - I tried using a lattice to deform the points with the character - I tried using the area attribute in the scatter sop All methods got me the same result but still points are jumping. Even if I use the Fur sop there are hairs jumping. Any idea on how to solve the jumping points issue? Thanks
  15. For a project I need a few subtle animations, so I do not need a complex rig. I decided to use the biped autorig feature in houdini. So far so good, I'm weight painting the character now and I bumped into a problem, I have misplaced the shoulder joint a little. Back in the autorig setup I modified the placement of the shoulder joint, then modified the existing rig with the autorig setup tool. Now that I have done that all the rig controls (move, rotate) are disabled. My animation and weight painting information is still there but I cannot make any new animation or modify the existing animation because everything is disabled. How can I enable the rig controls again?