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  1. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Intro FX

    Hi, thanks again about this reply, but this wasn't my solution. That's why I reposted the question. Instead of creating a new one with Carve, The full form of Cloth must be moved.
  2. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Intro FX

    I would like to ask about this kind of Vellum Simulation. For the past monht, I tried three kind of method before. 1. POP Curve Force 2. Pin to target Constraint using animated Curve Deform mesh. 3. Dragging the edge of the scarf to the moving point. But none of that was effective. I couldn't solve this alone, I really need your help. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  3. Cloth along the Curve

    I'm sorry for the poor explanation. My scene starts with the scarf naturally wrapped around my neck as shown in the picture. For that, I pre-simulate the initial 30 frames. (before the actual shooting range) However, the scene of the post starts the simulation in the exact form of a curve. When the scene is replaced with mine, the input 1 geometry of the Point Deform is defomed to input 3 that already simulated by gravity. then it goes in the wrong direction, not in the direction of the curve.
  4. Cloth along the Curve

    Thanks for reply HM. I understand the concept of point deform in sop Solver DOP. But I tried to use it properly in my situation, but I couldn't. The initial shape of my vellum is a scarf around the neck. and the first 30 frames are simulated to settle on the collision. Can I use it according to this situation? Test_Cloth_v06.hip
  5. Cloth along the Curve

    Hi. I want to make Cloth FX like this. There is a vellum method that I was working on, but it didn't work out, so I'm looking for a new method. Got any bright ideas?
  6. Vellum Scarf flying on the wind by Curve Custom Force

    Path Deform Work pretty well though.. I'll use this method with a little bit of adjustments. Test_Scarf_v08.mov
  7. Vellum Scarf flying on the wind by Curve Custom Force

    Now I'm trying to use Path Deform. I used Path Deform to create a geometry that flew along the curve and Pin the vellum to it. But this method cannot be expected to be as natural as the one using Custom Force. If someone know the way that on the content of the topic or "Path Deform" way, please reply.
  8. Can someone approve it? It's an urgent question.
  9. https://youtu.be/QR3CjAw_1PI This is the reference. preview.mov I'm creating a Vellum simulation. The scarf is released from the neck and flies to cover the camera. I'm using Custom force setup from another particle aura fx. It use Curve direction force and Curve suction force. But the suction force makes scarf gather and twist in the midde of curve. Before I noticed it, I worked with the following intentions. I keyframed the Stretch Rest Length to make the scarf spread wide enough to cover the entire camera, And i also keyframed Bend Stiffness to get rid of the scarf twisting. Stretch Rest Length makes scarf wider, but there is no spreading force, so there is no dramatic change. And Bend Stiffess doesn't improve the twist Rather, It makes short wrinkles in the longitudinal direction and long wrinkles in the narrow direction. and this is weird. I think the fundamental problem is Curve suction force. But without Curve suction force, you can't make it fly in the right direction of the curve. How can I make the scarf to be wide and not twisted? Vellum_Scraf_v04.hip preview.mov