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  1. Thank you for replying! Yes, there is a " negative scale transformation" in the 3x3 Matrix. I guess I have to extract "scale" from 3x3 Matrix to check if there is a" negative scale transformation" inside for every 3x3 Matrix getting from other softwires.
  2. Thanks for replying! Sorry I dont understand what is the error ? The 3x3matrix is from a leaf instance point exported from SpeedTree.
  3. 3@transform = set( {-0.146396,-0.0727609,0.0550026},{0.0605058,0.000363445,0.161525},{0.0682531,-0.156387,-0.0252152} ) ; -- Instance with @transform p@orient = quaternion(3@transform); DELETE @transform attribute -- Instance with p@orient Different Results of orientation! If I instance the point with p@Orient converted from 3@transform using quaternion() , the orientation is flipped . It seems that I get the same p@Orient value with ident() and ident() * -1 . Is it the problem? How can I obtain the correct p@orient ? Thank you for reading my question
  4. Hello Odforce, I want to recreate the stringy wavy(hair-like) smoke in the foreground of this image. Any ideas how to do it? It does not matter if it is a volume or geometry. I am thinking if it should be stimulated using vellum hair ?