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  1. Hey Gabriel, In your collisionsource2 node, volume tab, I reduced voxel size to 0.05 from 0.5. It helped a lot. Try it .
  2. A few things you could try: 1. In your mantra rop node, try to increase reflection quality. 2. In your ocean shader node, go to ocean shader tab > reflections and try to slightly increase reflect roughness, or decrease reflect intensity. 3. If there is a particular light which seems to cause a lot of trouble, you can remove reflections from it using contributions. Let me know if any of these helped.
  3. FunnyName

    Flip rain

    Hey hindukush, I took a look at your file, and figured out that your flip source is too heavy to calculate. Basically, this node thinks that the scattered point is itself a flip point, and calculates a surface around it. I have replaced this with a sphere instead. Check the file. Note- I am using the apprentice version, so you can only study my setup but It's easy to replicate. Shouldn't be an issue. Just check the RAIN node. FLIP_RAIN.hipnc
  4. Hey Eyeracker, Thanks a lot for putting so much effort into helping me! This is great helped my solve my problem. Don't worry about the solution being less elegant, it's all that I need! Again, thank you very much.
  5. Hey thanks a lot Eyeracker! That's a neat trick, I didn't know you could create groups in the SOPs level. It solved most of my problem. However, while the other forces do have the option to work on a specific group, the suction force doesn't, or not that I could find. Is there any workaround for it? Thanks again for your help so far
  6. Hey Atom! Thanks a lot for taking the time to help! This setup works, however the problem that I am having with it is that now the emitted particles also have a suction force, and are affected by the vortex force. Is there any way to exclude the falling particles from these forces?
  7. Hello all!, I am trying to create two different flip sims, which should collide with each other. Sim A is a flat tank, with a suction force and some vortex force. Sim B is a simple sphere emitting fluid. I want Sim B fluid to collide with Sim A fluid. Problem is if I do these inside one DOP network, Sim B inherits all the forces attached to Sim A, I am trying to prevent that. Maybe I'm overcomplicating this whole thing. Any ideas on how I can get them to collide with each other? Please refer to the attached hip file. Thank you all for your time. TwistForce.hipnc
  8. Hey Daniel, Don't know if you've already solved this problem by now, but in case you haven't here's what I think the problem is. In your uniform volume shader (right next to the basicliquid in your image), check the cloud density value, it is probably too high. If you reduce it to something like 0.1 then it should start to match the rest of the ocean. Basically if this value is very high, it makes your water less transparent, by filling it up with a volume. If the problem persists, let me know. Hope this helps...
  9. Hi, I am trying to create a flip simulation of an animated character, such that the surface of the character looks like a violent ocean. So far, my attempt has been to create a character body with suction fluid, having some emission as well. However, I am not getting the effect I am looking for. The fluid surface created by the suction force is very smooth, but what I want is for there to be ocean waves flowing around in the surface of the character, if that makes sense. Have a look at this video: Basically, I was hoping to get the surface of the character looking like the ocean surface in the video above, instead of a flat plane as the base mesh, it should be the character. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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