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  1. Hi all, This is something that has stumped me for the longest and I'm hoping that someone has some answers that don't make me feel like I'm solving a problem from Good Will Hunting. I'm currently working on a flip simulation that that will be composited over the ceiling of a room (basically creating a turbulent water ceiling). I'll be compositing in Nuke and obviously want the simulation and renders to line up to the footage that was shot. The footage was shot on 35mm film and the lens was a 21mm Masterprime lens. Does anyone have any idea how I can figure out what the Houdini Camera Aperture setting should be set to in order to get my camera in Houdini to match the footage? Any help that I can get with this would be greatly appreciated! Justin
  2. @animatrix Thanks so much! Definitely going to try and buy that as soon as possible. Your work is incredible, so the opportunity to learn from you would be amazing.
  3. Hi @animatrix! I really want to dive into this course but I was wondering if it’s available on your gumroad? I’d love to purchase it!
  4. @Librarian Wow. These are fantastic. Thanks for uploading the files because I can’t wait to check these out.
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