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  1. Hi Arvind, Firstly make sure ur animated geo has the Rest position attribute. Then dive into the Fluid Source node by Rt click - Allow Editing of Contents. You will find a SHOP node "volume_noise" dive in. Then on the "scalarvolumenoise1" activate the check box "Use Rest". Hopefully that should do the trick. Cheers
  2. Atom's Link Page

    Thanks Atom..! That is very helpful..
  3. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    Interesting.. I'll have a look at that.. What i figured out is that changing the color of an existing node is faster than creating a new node. So i check if the current node (point) was present in previous frame, if yes then change color of existing node else put a new node. And in the end of the loop i check if any node were present in previous but not in current then delete the nodes. This sped up the process quite a lot. One again, thanks for the interesting tip !
  4. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    https://vimeo.com/102758986 here's the latest NodeZArt sample.. the logic is similar but slightly more complex than before... lemme know wat you think...
  5. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    Thanks Lyn !
  6. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    Well its pretty much procedural. Took an image into houdini, converted it to point data so that i can set the resolution of tiling within houdini itself and then a python script to read that data n display as nodes. So its just Houdini , some Python and a dash of ingenuity!
  7. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    hahaha.. sweet... thanks for sharing it Mandrake0.. ! ohh btww here are some more... the King Himself.. and Our very own Gandalf, the Houdini Wizard..
  8. hey guys, here's some fun art work that ive made in the node editor of houdini. Yes, in the node editor. No photoshop. Im calling it NodeZArt.. cuz its simply art with nodes.. and it has my initials too (ZA).. Lemme know wat you think...
  9. Rendering pyro

    its a shader compiling issue... go to your fireball shader and click 'Force Compile'. if it stil doesnt work, then click the dropdown menu next to 'Vex Compiler' and select 'VEX Compiler' and Force Compile again.. that should do the trick.
  10. Introducing La Main des Ma

    LOVED IT !!! very beautiful and mesmerizing... loved your cinematography as well as your use of light... truly gorgeous.. got carried away for a while.. Keep it up buddy !!!