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  1. I think I've figured it out. Label only support text info.It just cannot get attribute through vex. And as the doc says, columns in label can only display as rows. btw I tried using python to call geometry data on HDA panel or on QT widget, they all failed in UE, which means UE get crashed when run python in HDA.
  2. Hey guys. I want to display info of each LOD on parameter editor panel and I got it work in Houdini, but when I use this hda in UE, all detail scripts turn to be strings rather than values, and horizontal layout of labels messed up, too. Is that because UE don't support runtime vex in label parameter?
  3. I want to add niagara effect assets to unreal_instance attributes. but it seems not work in UE. Does it works in this way?Or if I can only use lab_Niagara to export point cache assets?
  4. Does code in vex have better perfomance than use nodes? If yes, should I use vex as much as possilble?
  5. All meshes show blue edges in viewport. Is there a way to disable them?