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  1. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Oh that was just for some test draft render for the music team. I have rendered EXRs. I am still stuck at rendering motion vector. Can someone who uses Arnold check out my hip file above?
  2. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Thank you so much, yes I have, and I also read the documentation. I have made sure I have the settings turned on, still the motion pass renders blank/black. I don't know what am I missing.
  3. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

  4. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Hello, can someone help me with setting up motion vector aov with arnold rop? I have been through the documentation, and tried the settings described. But I guess I'm missing something. I've animated cam too. Attaching basic version of my file below. motion_vector_arnold.hip
  5. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Wow man, works like a charm! Thank you so much!
  6. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Here you go man! Thank you so much. Attached below. Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip
  7. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

  8. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Hi, thank you for this forum. I am trying to replace dummy coin from my dopnet with high res coin. It's just coins falling on the ground. 1. I tried transform pieces, but my high res jitters and flies all over the place. 2. I tried attribute vop technique for transform, pivot and P. It works but my high res geo keeps flickering in 'Scale' every frame. I am attaching the HIP File & Video. The grey outline is dopnet template (how it is supposed to be). My coins are following rotation, position, but I don't know what's wrong with scale flickering. Thank you. D__Houdini_Projects_Tests_HIPs_Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip_-_Houdini_FX_18.5.596_-_Python_3_2021-08-01_18-38-20.mp4 Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip
  9. Looking for same clarification. Did you manage to find the answer?