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  1. Hello everyone, I've been exploring Houdini. I have plenty of high-res scanned Pen Art (on paper) which are mostly abstract dense line-art patterns. I was looking to bring it to life in Houdini. But since I am still exploring, I'm not aware of all the possibilities. Would love ideas on what effects I could look into to create something fun and fascinating out of my scanned artworks. Attaching an example. Thank you!
  2. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Oh that was just for some test draft render for the music team. I have rendered EXRs. I am still stuck at rendering motion vector. Can someone who uses Arnold check out my hip file above?
  3. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Thank you so much, yes I have, and I also read the documentation. I have made sure I have the settings turned on, still the motion pass renders blank/black. I don't know what am I missing.
  4. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

  5. Arnold Motion Vector AOV

    Hello, can someone help me with setting up motion vector aov with arnold rop? I have been through the documentation, and tried the settings described. But I guess I'm missing something. I've animated cam too. Attaching basic version of my file below. motion_vector_arnold.hip
  6. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Wow man, works like a charm! Thank you so much!
  7. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Here you go man! Thank you so much. Attached below. Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip
  8. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

  9. Low-res to High-res DOP scale jitter.

    Hi, thank you for this forum. I am trying to replace dummy coin from my dopnet with high res coin. It's just coins falling on the ground. 1. I tried transform pieces, but my high res jitters and flies all over the place. 2. I tried attribute vop technique for transform, pivot and P. It works but my high res geo keeps flickering in 'Scale' every frame. I am attaching the HIP File & Video. The grey outline is dopnet template (how it is supposed to be). My coins are following rotation, position, but I don't know what's wrong with scale flickering. Thank you. D__Houdini_Projects_Tests_HIPs_Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip_-_Houdini_FX_18.5.596_-_Python_3_2021-08-01_18-38-20.mp4 Dancing_Particles_7_Implementation.hip
  10. Looking for same clarification. Did you manage to find the answer?