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  1. Smoke Disappearing

    Hey There, I was wondering if there is any method to make smoke never disappear? I am aiming to run a simulation using pyro where smoke flows inside of a bubble. The additional complexity is that the desired outcome needs the initial smoke object to disappear after only a few frames leaving the smoke that is emitted in that time to continue to act inside the bubble. Cheers
  2. Curl Noise Control

    Thank you so much, i will check this out for sure
  3. Curl Noise Control

    Hey Everyone, I have been playing around on Houdini for around 6 months now and I am absolutely loving it. I recently stumbled upon After Form's (Oleg Soroko) amazing work and was wondering how he controls his curl noise (as seen in the photos) so well and also enables it to flow along surfaces so nicely. I currently am finding the whilst my curl noise investigations are interesting they are very much random and uncontrolled, rather than purposeful spirals and patterns being created Curl noise is my next area of experimentation so I would love any help or guidance! Thanks a lot