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  1. Copy to points onto Black/White map

    okay, never mind I tried your method and it works exactly as I wanted! thank you!
  2. Copy to points onto Black/White map

    I found an alternate way to create some sort of point system by using the measure node. only downside is, this also gives me points on convex places, not only concave places. (cfr picture)
  3. Hi Im creating a cliff in Houdini. I have the blockout of the big shapes, but now I want to cast some smaller rocks in between cracks and edges (concave). I'm using the Measure Curvature node to get a black/white mask of the curvature. But I don't know how I can use this colour information to create a mask on where to spawn smaller rocks. I test things out by copying a simple sphere to points but this gives me the shape of the rocks filled with the sphere. I've only found this youtube video of the curvature node: But they just skim over the nodes. Im completely stuck. Anyone an idea? Thanks!