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  1. Large Ocean emerge collision issue

    SOLVED! For some reason applying an animated transform node to the cached vdb causes these issues on the sim. I just put the animated transform node before converting to vdb and fixed it. Slower sim but more accurate without artifacts on the particles
  2. Large Ocean emerge collision issue

    So I have been trying to emerge a temple from under the ocean. but I keep getting this weird collision when it comes from below the water. Looked everywhere if anyone had the same issue, but couldn't find anything. The model is from kitbash and I believe I clean it up and polyfill it so it is watertight. I tried to use another geometry like a super quad from Houdini and that created realistic collisions. Not like in the picture. It seems like it is using the whole bounding box of the vdb of the temple to move the particles. I have collision detection in the solver as Move outside of collision Ocean_emerge_02.hiplc