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  1. Push outside Fluid Surface

    Hello, I made a Fluid simulation and I added a particle fluid surface to it, is giving me very noisy mesh where the fluid is making contact with the glass, I tried using a Boolean, but the liquid is not making contact with the glass. I tried using a Poly Extrude, but is also inflating the other parts of the fluid and is making it look bad. My Plan B is to use a Poly Extrude on the glass to make it thicker and use it for the boolean, but I wanted to know if there is something wrong of what im doing on the Fluid configuration
  2. Im a beginner in Houdini and now I started doing FLIPS sims, I dont know im im doing the Cache properly In my DOP Network I activated the Save Checkpoints Checkpoint file: $HIP/sim/checkpoint/cache.$OS.$SF.sim Trail Length: 2 Checkpoint Interval: 20 Then I use a Dop I/O to read my DOPNET, click SAVE TO DISK to start the simulation and Save it I made my SIM from frame 0 to 60, but my Sim folder has: cache.DOPIO.80.sim cache.DOPIO.100.sim I didn´t Sim frames 61 to 100. And I dont have a cache.DOPIO.60.sim To resume my simulation in going to the DOP Network node, in the Simulation Tab i insert $HIP/sim/checkpoint/cache.$OS.$SF.sim as Initial State. I change my timeline to f60-200 and press the Save to Disk on DOPIO The lower part of Houdini says that is cooking the DOP from frame 51, when it reaches 60 the Render frame bar starts to move This is the right way to resume a simulation using the Checkpoints? Thanks