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  1. Volume Modeling Plug-in

    cool job! Amazing
  2. In a mood for sand

    great job love it
  3. pillar(tube) turning into fluid

    the project very cool
  4. repeat the beautiful explosion

    so cool I love it
  5. Cute blob animation

    very nice job ,the character very Cute
  6. how to read Cd attribute in DOP?

  7. Red Dynamic

    render very great but link wrong
  8. Weather System Digital Asset, Otl

    i think you job very nice but you link is wrong.
  9. feathers

    very well good job I like it I want konw how do it like there in Houdini?
  10. Jellyfish

    this works very nice i want to looking for sence ,OK?
  11. Snowy Spruce

    good job but that link is broken