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  1. I have tried a lot and i just cant understand why my particles are dying and volume is reducing. I am trying to make a washing machine animation with the water. Any tips? Any suggestions would be appreciated :)) untitled.avi washing_machine.hip
  2. White spots on ocean render manta

    Hey thanks for the reply. So 1) did not work. in 2) it kinda worked when i increased the roughness to 0.2 :))but naturally added more smudged up spots. Dont know if thats better in adding realism? Have attached pictures for with/without. 3) yeah definitely but it happens with most lights. Appreciate the reply.:)
  3. Hi, I am getting white spots when i add any lights(spot,distant etc) on the ocean surface. Also after using the lights a lot, the displacement also goes at several places. I wont be able to post the file but i can post the setting images or whatever else is needed. I went through other forums but sadly they did not work well. Reducing the color limit did not work. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. im trying to generate a nice streak like energy like this video here : I have achieved something like this( attached hip file) and havent gotten much close to this type of effectshockwave.hip in terms of the final render could anyone guide me on how i could achieve this - ihave used smoke to advect particles currently but i feel i am doing something wrong in the nodes. Thanks in advance
  5. OMG! Thank you so much man!
  6. Could you pls guide me on how to import it and make it work with the bf graph? :) cant seem to figure out how to import it with that
  7. Cool thanks ill try it out here in the bf graph and also on another version of maya. Also here is the alembic file and maya import settings just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with that. Download link for alembic https://sendgb.com/u8z6rmIBA9G
  8. Maya 19.3.1 Have not rendered it. This is just out of the viewport. and in the uv editor no uvs are there But i have arnold and maya software to render it bricktry.mb
  9. Thanks a ton! Thats exactly what i want but even now when i import the abc file into maya ( standard import alembic) i am getting a geo with broken uv(no uv). What am i doing wrong? I took your file and saved to disk 120 frames and imported that only to maya.;( Thanks for the help !!
  10. or probably a better way to transfer my destruction from houdini to maya?
  11. So i have a very simple destruction sim and i am trying to take it to maya. I had got the obj from maya with the uv. Now when i go to export the alembic sim, the uv doesnt show in maya. Even in houdini i have to unpack the alembic file to see the uv. Could someone help me with this? brick_wall.obj brick.hip
  12. Im new to houdini and very confused at the moment. I tried creating a smoke portal like effect from particles then using vdb from particles. I created 2 tries. In both i dont know why the some is pretty low res in the viewport. Also i tried changing the velocity scale in the smoke volume sources but they seem to have no effect on the smoke. In the first one the center seems quite static and in the second one no velocity is inherited at all it seems. Any help would be appreciated. portal.hip