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  1. It is possible to export ambient occlusion as AOV using Karma MaterialX?
  2. Sorry but i need tiny trails ...
  3. If i want add a trail with a wave movement smooth like a water?
  4. First, nice thanks for your contribution, is similar to my set up and this confirms that I`m on the right way, second, I`m working on this effect to achieve an aesthetic effect. I`ll let you know howit is going...Thanks again :))
  5. Yes, thanks...i have a sphere that moves over a curve path it emit and has trails (not shown on reference)...
  6. Thank you so much..i know this Tutorial but it doesn`t work fine on my test...
  7. Any idea to create this effect ?
  8. I`m on Houdini 19 but i`m not able to put a matte object using render geometry setting..any help?
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