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  1. image plane variable inside shader

    Thats exactly what I have now, just wanna to be more efficient and minimize time for setting up the shaders workflow. Thanks for answer anyway, I will go with usual approach, just exporting all of the image plane variable.
  2. image plane variable inside shader

    Hey Stevenong, I'm asking about something else rather just output image plane variable. Inside shader I have independent if() statements which check for particular image plane variable availability and depends on that execute or not chunk of code inside this if() statement. So basically I'm looking how to get information from currently rendered mantra node and about currently rendered image plane variable name inside this node. Sorry for misunderstanding. Thanks.
  3. image plane variable inside shader

    Hi guys. I'm trying to execute some parts of the shader based on image plane Vex variable. Basically for image plane with "specularExport" variable, I would execute only specular function, for "diffuseExport" - only diffuse, and so on. Any idea how to use those variable names inside shader? Thanks a lot
  4. tornado crashing through a building

    Hi buddy, I looked into your scene, and I think to use vortex force you need create a nurbs curve, add Vortex Force Attribute, and after rather then plug metaballs into your sopgeo try plug this curve. In this case you will receive chunks flying around and along your curve. And after that you can add metaballs with magnet force to control how debris will be sucked by tornado. I attached your file with those correction. Hope it will help . By the way nice tornado setup ...... tornado_top4.hip
  5. best way to create foam mask

    thanks man, I like point cloud idea, greate example.
  6. We found the problem. It looks like 64-bit houdini do not output particle id but in 32-bit version everything works fine. And when debugging c++ files, problem happened at very end, when plugin trying output actual values into bin file. If somebody get it works on 64-bit, please let us know. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I also trying this plugin under linux 32-bit. But I use houdini particle exporter to export particles into maya. It looks like maya importer cannot read bin sequence. Houdini read this sequence - no problem. Maya can read individual bin files but not sequence. Maybe point order problem. Maya to houdini - no problem. Houdini importer reads everything fine. Is there any trick when exporting from houdini. If you have any ideas, I will be appreciated.
  8. best way to create foam mask

    Hi guys, What the best way to create foam mask in houdini, around drifting boat or ship to use it for particle emission or in shader. Thanks