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  1. Can anyone explain to me why I cant see the waves in my wavetank_fluid_extended? In the tutorial course that I'm doing it says that if I cache the bake spectra it should appear, but it doesn't. the .hip is just the wavetank, really simple and fast to load so u can check it out , PLEASEEEEEE The picture is for the full project, I delete everything and I leave just the wavetank. untitled.hip
  2. Hello! I'm pretty sure u can help me with this, Im a newbie and Im trying to render with redshift and I have this warning about the volume and materials parameters. With mantra I can render perfectly but in redshift I can't see any fire. I attached the files, it's a tire on fire basically.. THANK U SO MUCH IN ADVANCE 2 weeks with this and I couldn't figure it out Houdini version 18.5.499 redshift 3.0.45 curved_ground.obj Tire.obj untitled.hip
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