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  1. Can NOT get Entropy work with Houdini.

    Yes. It is apprentice. So, I guess that is why. Anyway, thank you for your kindly help.
  2. Can NOT get Entropy work with Houdini.

    Thank you for your reply. I used proto_install and select EntropyDisplay.inst. And the installation of the new display driver is successful because I can see the image in the mplay window. Also, /entropy/bin is in my path. But when I open Houdini and try to add an Entropy Operator in the output pane. I can NOT find it there. The only things available there are: Mantra, OpenGL renderer, Subnetwork, Composite, 3D texture Generator and Wren 1.0.
  3. I installed Entropy before installing Houdini, and can NOT make it work. In Houdini's output pane, I can NOT find a Entropy operator. Thanks in advance.