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  1. Thanks alot guys, appreciate it!
  2. Hi, Learning VEX and this is simply out of curiosity since I'm trying to build an intuition for how houdini works under the hood. I know I can read a vector from say point 5, like so: vector test = point(0, "P", 5); printf("%f", test); {0.091506,0.482963,-0.091506} Is there a way I can directly access only a component, like P.x with the point function? To my surprise, substituting "P" with "P.x" doesn't work, i.e: float test = point(0, "P.x", 5); printf("%f", test); 0.000000 I know I can access it via variable indices in the first example like vector test = point(0, "P", 5); printf("%f", test[0]); 0.091506 but it doesn't seem to work within the function. Neither "P.x" nor "P[0]" works. Is there a good reason for this? Grateful for any input you may have! GG