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  1. Fast Moving Steam

    Very cool, thanks Atom. I had bumped it up a bit but definitely having it all the way up at 1 makes it look a lot better. Really appreciate the help!
  2. Fast Moving Steam

    Thanks for the tip Atom, that's a really good idea. I need to add collision behavior with some things in the scene though so I do think I'll need to sim it
  3. Fast Moving Steam

    Hi! Does anyone have any tips for creating this kind of steam effect? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZYLoVCikqo&ab_channel=VeteransRailroad (around the 0:20second mark) I'm trying to recreate super fast moving, high pressure steam coming out of a pipe about 0.5m in diameter. I've played around with sourcing a noised up density volume, custom vel to break up the shape, disturbance, a little divergence, turbulence and confinement ..etc. I'm using sparse pyro. Not sure if there is anything obvious I'm missing, will try to upload the file when I get home, but it seems like no matter what combination of sourcng and microsolvers I use I can't get past it looking like plumy-smoke as opposed to a fast moving stream with lots of small sharp details. I would really appreciate any tips! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm working with houdini crowds and I'm looking for a way to trigger a transition based on clip percentage. I can see there a "current state duration" trigger type, but I would like it to be based on the percentage amount of the clip animation length. For instance, if I have a 30-frame animation clip, trigger a transition when the clip has reached it's 30th frame (or 100%). The length of the clips might vary, which is why I'm not just using "current state duration" set to 30 Frames. Any help is appreciated! thank you!
  5. Crowd Locomotion orient question

    Update: increasing the "min speed" orientation update parameter in the crowd solver seems to get me there. But open to other suggestions if this is not the best approach. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I'm new to Houdini crowds, I'm trying to set up a stadium-like crowd. My characters start sitting down, then they transition into a standing idle for a little bit, then back down to a sitting position. I'm using some additional stand up and sit down transition clips in between. My problem is I can't figure out how to maintain my characters orientation as they sit back down. They start facing their normal direction, but as they sit down they all face in different directions. I'd like for them to end up in the same orientation they started. I'm assuming it has something to do with the locomotion orientation of the clips, but not sure how I can correct it. I'm loading the clips with locomotion node set to the Hips, and the locomotion orient set to leftUpLeg. I've tried other combinations/joints as well but no luck. Is there something I'm missing? I'm attaching a simple example, eventually I'd like to add a lot more clips for variation but would like to get this part figured out first. Thanks in advance! crowdtest.zip
  7. stoptransfer.hipnc