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  1. Does anyone know what determines the position of the various visualization markers (point numbers, normals, labels etc.) It doesn't seem to follow the primitive centroid. Sometimes it follows the centroid of a triangle if you divide it, but not always. Have a look at my example to see what I mean. Any ideas? label_position.hip
  2. Can't use digital asset?

    Old thread, but I just encountered this problem. I was duplicating an hda, and I encountered behaviour like the above. Somehow the contents of the Tools/Script area was deleted. Entering the default script seemed to fix it: import soptoolutils soptoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, '$HDA_NAME')
  3. Thanks for the idea Edward. I ended up using a soho script with python instead.
  4. Sorry for resurrecting an ancient thread, but I have a follow up question to the above. I'm trying to write a GEO_IOTranslator and I need to get the current frame. There doesn't seem to be a context available to call getFrame() with. I've tried CHgetEvalTime() as well, but this always seems to return 0.
  5. Dry Soil Cracks

    Here's an interesting paper related to this thread: Modeling Fracture Formation on Growing Surfaces by Pavol Federl http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/federl.dis2002.low.pdf