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  1. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/reality-capture-plugin-open-beta/
  2. Inner Tongue

    Hey! I co-directed this fun trip with a good friend. It was a harsh proof of houdini as a generalist tool. Animation done in two weeks on one seat, rendered with redshift. Please support on youtube if you like it. cheers
  3. There are many ways to do this. The mentioned density attribute might be a good way to go. You could also group the primitives you want to scatter point onto by their normal with the group SOP.
  4. Hi, I saw the GDC Presentation about that topic and it covers some interesting subjects. Unfortunately it lacks some more detailed info about the texture transfer from Houdini to Unreal/Unity. In my actual case i need textures for procedural rocks. My first question is how to make my procedural texture tilable as i need to texture huge cliff structures, the second is how do i generate proper masks, similar to the output of a terrain network. just baked greyscale images? Many thanks, Lucas
  5. Hi, I already postet that question in the Unreal Section @ Sidefx... Is there a recommended workflow to get an animated camera from Houdini to Unreal (Sequencer). Using fbx gives me an offset of 90° and the scaling factor by 100. I found a setup with transform lookups in chops but i hope there is something more suitable around ? Help is very much appreciated , Cheers, Lucas
  6. traffic system

    I found threads on this. All a little outdated. Does anyone know if there is a city traffic system around for houdini. maybe using the native crowd system. Further it would be great to have any sort of game-engine compatibility (UE4) https://c4dplugin.com/product-rt#tab0 Many thanks, Lucas
  7. Animator

    Hi, We search for talented Houdini/Maya Animators for an upcoming job. Start asap October / November. Remote work. If interested please pm for details. Best, Lucas

    Hi, We are looking for an experienced Houdini TD for fur and feather work. You would groom remotely between end of october - november. If interested please pm. Best, Lucas
  9. Random link of interest

  10. Houdini Rigging TD

    Hi, We search for an Houdini Rigging TD, who can translate the functionality of an existing, production ready maya character into Houdini. We provide the maya rig/asset/scene including the model in any format as a base for your task. This is a sideproject for testing purposes, so we do not have a tight schedule. We ll reply as soon as possible. (Start asap. ,remote work). Payment and further info please pm Looking forward hearing from you, Best, Lucas @ Wildruf
  11. Hi, We plan to allocate some rendertasks for an ongoing job. ° Remote work ° Manage scene files ° render on a local farm or online. The scenes are quite simple and already have basic lighting, so the setup is suitable for a remote workflow. Looking forward hearing from you, Best, Lucas
  12. Hi, I fear this might be against the logic of a l system structure, but is it possible to branch only at a specific generation without nesting multiple systems ? many thanks
  13. Houdini Generalist / FX TD remote

    Hi, We search for a Houdini Generalist or FX TD for a commercial in July. Short term freelance job, we can work remotely . Details, pls PM. Best, Lucas
  14. Inflate

    Is there a way to use FEM to inflate objects without target geometry. I played around with magnet forces and meatballs... something like internal pressure?