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  1. @tamagochy I already tried but didn't found because of the name bullet in the tittle maybe. Really sorry and thanks a lot for the link ! EDIT: Thanks to the the link wich wasn't working for what I wanted to do and a little more search and error I managed to create a really basic setup where everything work well together. I only animated the timescale of the bullet solver because i wanted the RBD to affect a little frames further the vellum object. File attached if you want to play with it 260921_VELLUM_RBD.hipnc
  2. Hi everyone, I have wich is seams like a simple request but i can't wrap my mind arround it. I'm a beginner in houdini since a few months but I really dig the process of R&D, I like to start from some tutorials and try to have fun from there. I think I know the way to do it and it must be easy but I have no idea where to found what I'm looking for or what should I tweak. I have two project in mind I would love to do but I keep having the same issue. Is it possible that a RDB object and a vellum solver affect each other ? Like collide and deforme the solver and not just bounce on the vellum or something like that. For the first one I made like a rubber toy, I wanted it to bounce a little and the ground and then be stomp by a rock falling on him. I succeed making a simulation that I like for the rubber toy but when I try to add the rock falling I can't. Maybe because it's really heavy I can fake it by simulating the rock falling and then importing it as an .abc or something and make it collide with the vellum solver but even that I didn't found how to do it. The second one is with the same problematics but maybe even harder. I wanted to simulate custom sticky man. So like in real life I made a sticky skeleton and two hard parts, upper and lower body. I followed this tutorial but because I can't mix RBD and vellum I am stuck again. As the first one, I may be able to fake it by doing the characters in one only piece but only make the hands, feets and middle of the body soft and sticky. Maybe with a paint mask ? So if anybody have good tips on how to learn this, have unknown tutorials or have an idea how to do it, it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and sorry if's too basic and doesn't belong here. I added my files if somenone want to have a look. 160921_SQUEAK_RBD.hipnc & GYMBODIES.hipnc Maybe you'll need the obj I have (last question, is there a way to pack it all inside the hipnc file ? ) 160921_HERISSON_LOW_LOW.mtl + ROCK_1.obj and BODY_GUM.obj + BODY_RIGID.obj Cheers and have a great evening ! PJ
  3. @Fenolis & @Librarian Thanks a lot ! It's clearer now and I think I will have a lot of fun with this ! Really appreciate you for taking the time to do it. Cheers !
  4. Hi all, I'm learning houdini since a few weeks/months and I still have some beginner issues. I think I know the way to do it and it must be easy but I have no idea where to found what I'm looking for or what should I tweak. For this project I follow the basis from this tutorial: After that I wanted the ground to be a wall and the debris to fall another way so I changed the gravity forces and it was pretty easy to have what I wanted. For the next step I wanted to know if it was possible to import a curve like an .svg or .ai so instead of a straight line I could carve a simple logo or only one letter into the wall. But I tried and didn't found anything about importing bezier curves, or the one that I tried didn't go as planed. I think it will go with another question, like if I want to carve a 6. Is it possible that only the outline fall and to keep glued the hole in the 6 ? Also, is there a way to do like a box arround the wall and when some debris fall farther than the box they disapear to save some space on the .abc at the end ? Thanks in advance, sorry if it's too basic and doesn't belong here. I have attached my file but don't know if it's useful. Cheers ! FRACTURE_FOND_2.hipnc
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