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  1. Would like to see a short guidance as well, if you could ofc.
  2. I know as well that you can find a few, but not sure how suitable they will be for you. If you could tell me more details about your ideas and expectations, it would be easier for me to recommend you a certain asset which will be the for you. You could try some assets which people are using in this field, and using this deal tracking software, you can compare between them and see which one is better, by following the number of the new buyers, if it's growing or declining.
  3. Pillow

    Did you find out how you could model such a pillow? I have some similar pillows in my living room, and I would also like to model them. They are just a bit old, and I would like to give them a second chance. However, my wife wants to throw them away and buy some new pillows. I have recently found the best pillows for side sleepers, as my wife only sleeps on the right side. Well, now she wants to get a new pad for the living room, from the same store. I don't think that's a good choice, but if she wants it, I will do it.