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  1. od[force] challenge 2010: Winner

    Better late than never, congrats for the winner!
  2. Reminds me of a problem with an ATI graphics card.
  3. Colored Shadow Pass

    Hi, I'm using PBR and in the extra image plane for direct/indirect shadow are different RGB values. What's the deal with that? Is there sth. to consider in compositing? because I don't get the right result, if I use it as a mask to shadow the diffuse and reflection pass.
  4. group paint

    It's a a subnetwork converted into a digital asset. You can find informations about that and the HDAModule in the Docs.
  5. group paint

    Graham's example is working great. It's a script lying in the asset, which gets called via the callback script under the 'Paint' button. You can see all that, when you go to the type properties in the node menu.
  6. group paint

    I would be interested in such functionality, too. The only way I know is to make 'group paint' the active node and tell the user to press enter to paint.
  7. Just want to inform, that I didn't make it in time. My win, is all I've learned from this - hopefully getting into some final result one day. I'm eager to see the final Images/Animations. Good luck!
  8. Out of the blue I would say you need to fuse the points.
  9. Yeah, nice approach. You got a final result! Me will still fool around with my scene long after the end of the contest. So, good luck with your entry!
  10. Ah, there it is. Thanks a bunch!
  11. advection sketches

    I had no regrets watching this. Thx for posting.
  12. I want to create a button with rounded glass and a sheet behind it. But when I'm close to the glass with my sheet the rays go right through it, and what ever lies behind gets rendered. It's the same with refraction and opacity. Is there any parameter I can push, or what is going on here? transparency-problem.hipnc
  13. It's about time for a little update. I have worked on the details. Barnacles and a sort of sea moss(looks like spinach, I know).
  14. hello from me returned for good

    Hi there, and welcome!
  15. It's not the distance threshold, it's the sample count. The higher you set it, the wider the values gets spread. Though I can't test it now.