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  1. hi evry one and it is necessary to rise this post again , i have a problem in wheel rigging in the chop method and this problem is : the chop give me the total distance travelled in world and this is alawys positive and in this case when the wheel start to go in back way on the path or in the opessit direction the rotation direction still the same and no way to change it to fit all the possible case,see the attached file . rotation_CHOP_METHOD.hip
  2. Grouping Points

    i hope that i understand what you want ....................add_first_point_to_evry_group.hip
  3. Wii-Houdini car simulations

    hi johner , i saw your replay just yestrday , it is cool how you did the car simulation , but i didn't understand how you did this,it is some of physics and math, i am good in physics and math but if you can give some of Scientific materials in the internet about this rules in car movment and hoe to calculate it ............ thanks again for the hip............
  4. Wii-Houdini car simulations

    it is mechanical as i see , i know how to create this expression but it is very difficult to do in houdini and the comp will play so slowly with this calculation and i think i need the width and the distance between front and back axis , are there any simple way to calculate this radius without write this long expression ...................
  5. Hi evry one i saw this video on youtube and want to ask if any one can help me in some idea of how to creat this car semulations in houdini . have no idea how to make the car go in circular way when the front wheel had rotation ..............!! video: thanks for all
  6. salam 3likm i try to scope attributes from sop node into chop by the geometry chop node by i have this problem raised that the geometry CHOP node couldn't scope more than 256 Attributes , is this a bug or it is that by default , can i import with it more than 256 attributes . help please ...............any one know ............. in the hip file try to do the foreache number more than 128 and the geometry chop node will give error. geometry_limit.hip
  7. please i want to give evry point founded by the point cloud an attribute that this point cloud has ........like effect in _Burn Bunny Burn_ but no way to do this in vop with me , help...Please sop_solver.hip
  8. salam evryone i am new to point cloud and didn't know how it is work i just see some cool effect done by this group of point cloud vex node but if any one can give some information aobut this ,what is the data type it will turn and what is the texture handle , and when i opened the help to read some thing about this i fond very deffuclt example (pointcloudaverage.hip) where they divde zero by zero 0/0 and the result is defined and evry thing it is ok . this example is attached any help please about this and thanks for all. pointcloudaverage.hip
  9. Emanuele Berti thanks for reply, i did it as you say but what about shader , i use the glow shader , in your project you use the glow also or other shader . macha you mean i must use an area light instide of point light. it is just cool your effect.
  10. salam evryone i try to creat laser light from curve as in laser weapon project (video on vimeo site_and it is done in houdini) if any one know some setting about this or can help me with very little hip file it will be welcome , i have try all what i know with out any result..............help please ............
  11. caustics_final.hip you can render with PBR out node to see deffirante between glass and glass1 object.........
  12. i maked the water surface smaller than the glass a little , and i use the pbr render engine , but i didn't get the same result as in first image setting(common surface between glass and water case).
  13. salam evryone i rendered glass of water with this setting of reflection setting and i use one common serfuce between the water and glass like in this image : but if i set up the scene with this setting and give both of water and glass its own serfuce like in this image : i didn't get the real result as in first image setting ,how i have to manipulate the indexs of reraction in second image to get real resulte (or it just can be done with first image setting)?
  14. hi evryone i set the image plane in the front and side and top viewport but when i want to switch to tow layout prespictive and side it is automaticlly switch to prespective and top and if i change the top viewport to right the image plane still for the the top one and it is need to chang the image plane evry time i want to change between side and top and front ...............so how to jump between it without change the image pllane ervy time.