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  1. Hi all I'm a complete newbie to Houdini, but an avid watcher of the Houdini work. So purely a fan at this point. I have a little question of how to export a vector path to illustrator. Essentially I have created a circle and a played around with the shape and would like to export it to as a .dxf (for example) I have used the 'convertline' and export a .dxf. Right click on 'convertline' and select Save/Geometry (As per photos to try and explain) There is data in the file (looking at the file size '9,304KB'), but cant open in anything. I'm using the Apprentice version for playing, but I presume I can export. Tutorial for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOk5qVXrFQA Any pointers would be really appreciated. Many thanks Stephen