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  1. What if...

    I would like to know how use chops from beginner to advanced. There is a one book and one tutorial from cmivfx but they focus too much on sounds in chops.
  2. collect pop doesnt collects attributes

    I don't understand why it's happen, when I change the order in COLLECT pop one attribute is always 0,0,0 and only one is updating ???
  3. collect pop doesnt collects attributes

    sorry, I forget press attach this file pops_left_right.hipnc
  4. hi, can anyone explain me why I can't get attribute 'right' processed next in collect and vopPop ? thanks
  5. Interview Questions

    hi, You may check this: http://iatse891vfx.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/top-ten-questions-to-ask-the-vfxanimation-recruiterthe/ cheers
  6. now it make more sense, thanks for explanation
  7. hi, can anybody check this hip and say why it's work this way, grid | sort(from 0 point) | facet(unique points) | attribcreate(primitive 'primitive_number' value=$PR) | partition(NR_$PRIMITIVE_NUMBER) when I use in partition $PR all primitives act like separated primitives, but when I use primitive_number it works doesn't make sense IMO coz: $PR == $PRIMITIVE_NUMBER please explain crack_ground_c.hipnc
  8. My little explosion

    looks great ! I would add camera shake, good job
  9. Zombie Arm

    great project, like it very much
  10. I didn't know that its possible to set keys on expressions , like in example expression in "ty" on sphere: sin($FF) , I set key for some frames and then set key as: "sin($FF) * rand($T *30)" (or anything) and it works, amazing hehe expr_keys.hipnc
  11. Freelance daily rate

    source: EscapeStudios
  12. resolution for demo reel

    thanks for answer
  13. which resolution for demo reel would be better: 1280x720 or 1920x1080 ? I ask coz all projects I wanna put in demo will be made by myself so no real production stuff
  14. apple

    hi, I just try to learn myself rendering and shading in Houdini and finished this one
  15. Linear Workflow problems

    I didn't read it yet but Robert Nederhorst has 16 pages pdf about linear workflow: http://throb.net/articles/