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  1. Gnomon Dynamics Dvd - Feedback

    I really want to buy this DVD, but gnomon shop accepts only credit cards, is that right? any other options, suggestions? regards Andrius
  2. Baloon Geometry

    Hei quarel, interesting to see you are doing the balloon bouquet. I did once as well, inspired by the move "UP". But I did quite a lot of work manually; still with Houdini I mainly duplicated and created all balloons based on input shape and scattered points. As well as stamping some random values for size rotation and color. that's all I did in Houdini. Which would have taken me to do ages manually. I hope you find your way doing this this is my version:
  3. Voronoi - dynamic - location based fracture (WIP)

    Hei John, first of all, you did a great job on this shatter tool! I wanted to ask something, if everyone else knows it feel free to give me a solution. here we go: 1. Let's take one chunk/piece. 2. When Add Interior Details are OFF I can smooth the chunk/piece and all edges will stay all connected, inside and outside groups. IF 3. I turn Add Interior Details ON, bicker is being applied on the inside group, and if I smooth now the whole CHUNK/PIECE, holes will apear. How can I fix it? in other words how can I have outside group low poly, inside group high poly and still have them connected as one mesh??? tried poly cap, but it fails at some points, it's not very trustful node...
  4. Measuring Distance?

    hei Owl, good to see you here thank you all for the tips. Since I will always have a curve subdivided in equal segments, and I needed the length of one segment, this expression served well for me: arclen("../line1",0,0,$PT)/($NPT-1)
  5. Measuring Distance?

    aaa I see, great, thanks Kim I am working on one small procedural asset. Just an idea popped into my head this weekend. I'll see how it goes. cheers
  6. Measuring Distance?

    Hello, can someone tell me how can I measure the distance between two points on the line? or how for example I can measure the LENGTH of the whole line. thanks for any suggestions in advance