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  1. Hey guys, how can I import an OBJ with all of its materials and textures already assigned to those materials? Unfortunately manually assigning all materials is not an option as there are more than 150 different materials each with its own albedo, normals etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey magicians, I want to mix grass and rocks materials within one shader based on a vertex float attribute that I got, and those grass/rock materials mix nicely except displacement maps. Is there a way to mix two displacement maps within one shader? I tried using Material Mixer node and Mix Texture node but with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated! Here's what I tried but it didn't work: Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Sorry to bump, is there any way to approach this task somehow differently maybe?
  4. Hey guys, is there a quick way to find convex and concave corners in my mesh? I tried Labs Curvature Measure 3.0 node based on some youtube video tutorial I found, but latest 3.0 version of that node does it differently than in that tutorial video which uses 2.0 of it, so I'm really stuck. Maybe there is a way how to find convex and concave corners in vex or VOPs really quick? Any help is much appreciated!
  5. Hi guys, please help! I want to achieve the look of a thick metal plate being pierced by small 5-6cm bullets but if I make them this small - they don't seem to pierce the metal plate at all, just barely bending it. So here's for comparison 30cm bullets which is fine but the problem is that the holes are too big which I don't want: And here's what happens if I make them small (5-6cm) - so basically no piercing occurs here: My metal wall is fractured to 5000 pieces by Voronoi Fracture, but even if I crank it up to 10K pieces it's still almost won't detect any collisions: Please help and thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys, can anyone please help me - why RBD Deform Pieces node does this to my mesh? It tears apart nicely (see pic on the left) with soft constraints, but when I apply point deform Pieces with clusters on - it doesn't want to tear them off at all. Help!
  7. Thanks a lot mate, I will give it a try!
  8. Hi, can anyone help me achieving the following: I have a metallic cube, and a simple emitter shooting spheres at high rate at it. I have Glue constraints turning to Soft constraints, also using rbd constraint from rules and rbd constraint properties. I can achieve denting(deforming) of that metallic cube, but I can’t achieve destroying it completely by tearing it to pieces all over the place. No matter what I do the steel cube just keeps deforming inwards like a wax or rubber and it seems like I can’t break Soft constraints holding pieces together. I tried using bullet rbd solver with break thresholds set to some super low values but it still won’t break/tear off. To summarize - I need to destroy a cube in this way: 1. The first impact of the bullet just makes the dent (deformation) 2. Second impact to that particular place tears off surface in that area. Can anyone help or hint me with how to achieve this effect please? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hey guys, noob question: is there some tutorial on how to quickly create an emitter that would spawn bullets (spheres) in a direction controlled by the parent object it is attached to? I want to use that "shooting gun" prototype to destroy my metallic object. Thanks in advance!
  10. Yeah I have next constraint as Soft, but don't know what you mean regarding "last active Contrasint is Hard or Soft". Can you pls attach a screen? Also can you maybe attach a screen where should I freeze my constraint to Glue with -1? Thanks a lot!
  11. Attaching screens of my setup. No matter what I do I get jittery chunks on my simulation. Any way I can get this bug fixed? Thanks in advance!
  12. That looks really promising Konstantin! Thanks a lot for sharing! I will dive into it.
  13. Guys I really need your advice! Can anybody please recommend any good training courses on VEX and/or Trigonometry which would help me understanding what's going on on the vex side of this tutorial from Junichiro? I know very basics of VEX (attr, variables creation, functions and their usages) but still by the end of the first hour of this video I felt completely lost just blindly copy/pasting bits of code Junichiro was writing on his end. So I was thinking maybe there are some good courses that would cover everything from beginner to really advanced level. Any help in this regard will be much appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!
  14. How to fracture an object this way?

    Looks interesting thanks a lot! I will give t a try!
  15. How to fracture an object this way?

    Any ideas guys?