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  1. power generation plant

    cool modelling, nice rendering! a bit like matrix... Tell us something about the modelling workflow plz greetz felix
  2. I try to create a still inspired by the illustrations of Kurt Roeschel. http://www.retro-futurismus.de/roeschl_neueslandimweltall.htm
  3. thx ykcosmo! cool idea doing a anaglyphic stereo version... comin soon to your cinema in 3d stereo greets felix
  4. thx Brandon, for this moon style landscape i used as base displacement map some geotiffs (http://seamless.usgs.gov/website/seamless/viewer.htm) did some color normalize, image editing, mixing parts. For the close up did crop through camera, then a sop displace with a simple vop and handled that to zbrush over for detailing and texturing, back in Houdini using this geo for rock copy stamping... hope this helps cheers felix
  5. Re-create Sci-Fi Art: Final Images

    thx dyei nightmare, tought we get an ftp to upload the hips in one place.
  6. Re-create Sci-Fi Art: Final Images

    Hi all, here is my work for this challenge. Inspired by the cool Book-Illustrations of Kurt Roeschel. The book is called "New States in Space" and is from 1958 about astronauts traveling through the solar system... Thanks to Christian Kelch ( Calix ) for his ideas and help on nebulas and starfield. This picture is done completly in Houdini 11, except from some zbrush surfacing and texturing on the rocket and foreground terrain. Good luck for all
  7. This one nearly finished... Some crits and comments plz Good luck for all!
  8. hey everybody changed the camera, finished stilts, lowered the far mountains... tomorow finishing touches for the stars and nebula background sadly i had no time for a moon crawler vehicle
  9. hey everybody changed the camera, finished stilts... tomorow finishing touches for the stars and nebula background sadly i had no time for a moon crawler vehicle
  10. now with higher detail stilts and some minor changes... hope i have enough time to play a bit with the composition greetz felix
  11. thx breadbox i tried to achieve a vintage colorized look to avoid transportation problems now with crane started adding rocks...
  12. hi all for today fixing the crater under the rocket, some tints and compositing changes
  13. thx for the c&c Bandaciu and Leo there was indeed a premult problem in the midground terrain comp, but it was busted.. the astronauts have to be small in relation to the rocket, maybe its the foreground terrain with proportions of the inner patterns which feel wrong size. Added a spacestation, made the planet less prominent. Lots of things need texturing but i tought first to finish all the modelling stuff!
  14. wow, this looks really organic! like the colors too. maybe the red blood cell shouldn't have this high frequency noise for me they should be smoother and more transluzent... greets felix
  15. Changed my composition a bit and now the crew is doing some exploration... Plz give me some comments and crits Hey and a good new year!
  16. thx Andz and Dyei tried to improve seperation of the rocket and added detail to it. now the stilts need more love.. greetz Felix
  17. now in final resolution and with some nebula..
  18. Thanks for the comments! Merry X-mas to all !! Still doing rocket science Some minor bugfix in the foreground, a basic planet and the starfield by calix...nebulas in work Greetz Felix
  19. thx chris for the asteroids, sorry still the bg is missing... for now started sculping the fg terrain and did some basic comp in halo playing with the aovs
  20. thx Matt and Leo this is a update on the midground terrain, next goal is to improve foreground
  21. thx Martin i started staging the rocket on a planetary surface. still need more detail on the rocket, some cosmonauts, foreground elements. Next time with those fine nebula by calix..
  22. thx for ur work calix! looking forward bringing it together did some more detail on the rocket, the ground is only temporary
  23. fixed the big wings and added some small one...throw a quick chrome like shader on it
  24. thx LEO this is my rocket modelling progress for now.
  25. Particles To Splines

    hi all, have a simple question: i need groups of particles forming tubes or splines, having a low number emiter and some distortion, if its possible to connect those points with numbering or location radius would be fine...sadly metaballs are to bloby for this effect... plz help me need some inspiration thx in advance fex