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  1. Selection based on image

    ummmm , am not that expert so if you have time to make a quick example for me will be great, specially with a sphere cheers
  2. houdini to max

    just add ROP output driver, in the output file choose your path and file name + $F to render as a seq. filename$F.obj or filename$F3.obj to add pad number 001 ..... or $HIPNAME$F3.obj ----> this will give you ... file name (hip file name) + 001 which a very nice tip hope it helps have a look at this link : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/rendering/expressions Happy Learning
  3. Selection based on image

    hey Andz I though the same as you, a bit different but all go to same direction hey thanx a lot, this is exactly what i want to do, just had a look in the VOP, it looks easy to understand. so the idea is create a global with world image, then make this image to be a selection group to copy a sphere for example. i will give it a try. could you tell me from where you got the Group Name parameter ... could not find it inside the VOP
  4. houdini to max

    Hey I have tried to export as a OBJ from Houdini to Maya and it is working, but if you import it back from Maya and try to export it again, it is not working. FBX is not working me at all, it comes in Maya as an empty locator. sorry but am not using 3dmax Cheers
  5. houdini to max

    double reply
  6. Hi is it possible to make a group selection based on image instead of geometry cheers
  7. Create Material in Python

    Hey SWANN thanx a lot for your help, but I think it is getting more complicated for me, so maybe I will try what you have said when I get use to Python. anyway thanx again
  8. Create Material in Python

    graham ... thanks a lot for your reply, things getting clear now. so am thinking about, making number of colors depends on the numFaces, but to to make it vector and give it random values or can I use ... readInput(), selectFromList() to insert the color values. cheers
  9. Create Material in Python

    WawWooooo this is exactly what am looking for, I was struggling a bit to find the name of shader, How can I find the shaders name, What about choosing from the Gallery for example Basic Surface, I have tried basic_surface but it gave me error, or it MUST be VEX. len(box.geometry().prims()) feel a bit confused about how to get this kind of informations through the help command, could you guide me in how to use it. is moveToGoodPosition() same like layoutChildren(), when to use it. sorry for being a pain Edit :which editor you are using ? cheers
  10. Create Material in Python

    Hey I am totally new to Python, so I have an idea and want to know if it possible to achieve or not. creating Box and Material ... I have done this part then I want to copy the material ... say 4 times and assign it to different primitive, but just 1 material holding 4 shaders. material 1 go to primitive 0 ... and so on. and of course change the color of the shader. cheers
  11. VFXtoolbox

    nice work Frading .... keep it up.
  12. Swtich between RBD

    Hi guys after long time trying to find a solution but I could not, so I need help I have a fluid object hitting a RBD, what I need to do is when the RBD object pushed toward to the wall, it is shatter to pieces when it is hit the wall, so everything working with me except the shattering part. I tried to switch between RBD object and RBD Glue but no luck. cheers
  13. Hi I was working in a project and since I copied a geometry in sop level to place it in a different geometry. every time I create a new geometry, it does not give me the default geo, so i tried to reload the default but it seems it is overwritten. any idea to get the default shape back. cheers
  14. fluid collision

    you can use Terrain Object SOP to give you the depth you are looking for.
  15. WIP - Water girl dance fountain

    this is absolutely amazing waiting for more ....