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  1. True, my fault. I tried to search how to bake animation to file but couldn't find it really. The first 20 frames are most important because there's a problem that smoke just vanishes after first 12-14 frames or so, and calculating just one frame after that is like one frame per few minutes, I don't know why (Ryzen 7 4800H here). Video above have much more dense smoke and in description he says that is just one minut per frame. Learning Houdini at this exact point is hard, because I'm trying to understand complicated dependencies in operators but there are so much similar settings between them in this one little scene and so slow solving of frames makes it hard to understand them quickly. steam_test.hipnc
  2. Hello! I'm trying to make train steam in Houdini and found this. I'm edditing this post because I made a progress. Sadly, if my smoke emitter is static in place, there's ton of smoke produced, but when I move that emitter a little bit in time, smoke is very thin and barely visible. Bumping up velocity to 100,500,1000 makes nothing.
  3. Smoke as wind?

    Thank you very much! Works as expected
  4. Smoke as wind?

    Hello! I'm trying to make smoke as force/wind that will move other floating objects in scene. Currently I'm trying to use popwind and popgroup in vellum solver. In popgroup I've enabled bounding to Volume and object source as SOP null from Smoke, but that's not working. Is there any more sophisticated way to do that?