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  1. is slowly getting back after the 12,5 realse and is very pleased
  2. that was a great expplanation so basicly layers as from photoshop
  3. is looking for a video /writhen tutorial on use of takes and how to exploit em
  4. Mortal Combat - Scorpion

    amazing work mate keep it up
  5. 1012 learning project and quistions

    just uploaded a new test of my animation new test
  6. wiev 1012

    any one going for view in Italy later this year.
  7. bones

    damm that was a nice shot
  8. let me see if, i get this right. for a learner/hobbyist as me. A good gaming card, whit a lot of ram. Is to prefer compared, to a nvidia quadro. And get a cuda cores.
  9. 1012 learning project and quistions

    jep, and maybe a 6-8 core intel prosesor. I got a i5 -2320 and 8gb ram.
  10. 1012 learning project and quistions

    Is trying to make a short animation/movie. Which is stupid, for a single guy . But at the moment, i am doing 10 sec clips. ' But when i get physics into the thing. I run out of ram. So maybe do shorter clips.
  11. Is focusing on Houdini, now the music did not get me any where. Got a Houdini v12 hd. And been using the first steps tutorials, to get me started. But yeah defently need a more powerful pc. A fast link for my youtube, whit my learning project.
  12. Showreel April 2012

    Nice reel man, i hope one day. I can be that great :, and the tune really nice choice.
  13. my 2011 and on project

    is using this as a learning project. And is focusing on modeling, rendering,texturing. And simple animations. And should mention, that my main hobby, is sound design and scores.
  14. my 2011 and on project

    a updatet version of my 10 sec is at my blog/youtube
  15. new user 1mill quistions

    is it possible to add a server if i own 2x hd license