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  1. I'm trying to convert the hitid attribute from POP's into the primitive selection in SOP's. Is that possible? I'm trying to stick primitives of a grid into particles when they are hit. hitid_nc.hipnc
  2. Render massive ribs in mantra

    Maybe in Houdini Exchange: http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fileid=620&versionid=620 http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fileid=609&versionid=609 http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fileid=344&versionid=344 They are for prman but mantra works in similar way. (Are you the same from Massive Forum? Because I wanted to answer you there but I can only answer in the Educational forum)
  3. Expression for 'New In Group' ?

    Maybe you can use the same expression you'd use to get the particles into the group. For example, if particles are in group when $TY>1 then, in the velocity field write the same expression... Or you could write a python operator to compare the same group node at different frames... but I don't know exactly if it is possible or how... Lots of times errors comes because bad approximation to resolve a problem. Good luck!
  4. GTX 280 Problems

    Hi all! I have a Nvidia GTX280 graphic card mounted on a Vista x64 machine. 8 Gb Ram DDR2, Quad 9550, 500 gb hdd free. I have lastest drivers downloaded from web for it but Houdini crashes every 5 or 10 minutes. Especially when I have to change some parameter with mid-click pop-up. I have a Macbook Core Duo 1,83 ghz 1 GB Ram too with Leopard and Houdini installed in Ubuntu 8.04. It works fine so I think the problem could come from graphic card. Any idea? Thanks and sorry for my english
  5. First of all, sorry for my english writting skills because it aren´t so good I have been making a simple domino simulation with 1000 pieces like the one of the Houdini 10 Blast Off Promotional Videos. I am making it with ODE, but I don´t know if I am doing something wrong or simply it is normal that it could take a minute per frame in dops calculations. It is not neccesary to make it in Ode but I thought it could be the best way. I tried to bake the simulation to .sim files but it takes long to write 200 mb files per frame. Also I read in Houdini help that I can bake parts of the simulation with this method and use it to affect other sims but I don´t make it work. How can I speed up this simulation? Thanks in advance and sorry again for my poor english domino.hipnc
  6. Workflow for lots of RBD in a DOP?

    Thank you so much for your help, Div. I have been working on my scene with your tips. I get a better performance when I tune properly the auto-freeze dop. However, I can´t get a real-time simulation in my viewport even writing the sim files to disk (compressed or uncompressed) so I am doing flipbooks. My computer is not bat, Core 2 Quad 2.83 ghz, 8 gb RAM, Vista 64-Bit, Nvidia GTX280 (1gb) 1TB Hdd. So I supposed it will work better. Now I am lookoing for other utilities for the autofreeze dop. I think it could be very useful for other tasks if I can use the Cumulative Movement data for activating the gravity in a per-object basis, for example. Any ideas of how to do this? Thanks again and sorry for the grammar mistakes.
  7. Hi all I am working in a procedural city. I would like to use the Instance node to copy the buildings in rendertime but I do not know how to use the stamp node this way. Any idea? Thanks and sorry for my english.
  8. I have a little crazy idea Have you tried to birth particles from the tunnel? Pointing inverse of the vector direction of each one with sprite rendering too.
  9. video cards??

    I have a GTX 280 in Vista x64. Houdini crashes every 5 or 10 minutes... definetly I can not work on it. GTudela,
  10. Procedural city

    I think this link could be useful for you http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?showtopic=8528
  11. effects showreel

    Wow! Cool! I really like it
  12. Realflow compatibility with Houdini 9.5

    Great answer. I surrender. As you said, I have more experience with Maya and RF Fluids than Houdini. Also, Houdini Fluids has been hard to learn for me. Maybe it is for the change from Maya or RF to a procedural fluid workflow. My experience with Maya y Real Flow had been good but I have not did complex scenes. Once again Netvudu, thanks for your detailed response. It is helpful for all of us.
  13. Dry Soil Cracks

    Cool! :thumbsup:
  14. Great. stevenong were right, I knew that something was missing in my post. Sorry for the little mistake.
  15. Realflow compatibility with Houdini 9.5

    Also, I think it's easier and more intuitive to manage fluids in Real Flow than in Houdini. I also think that it
  16. City Asset WIP

    Well, this is my city asset, currently in progress of merge more builds. Length, width, floors number, floor height, build number and more are stamped thanks to a master control I have not uploaded the hip file because nodes are in spanish language. I will translate it but I don
  17. Realflow compatibility with Houdini 9.5

    Wow, Netvudu, do you really think that? I am not a very experienced with Real Flow but I think that Real Flow fluid capabilities and integration with other software (like Max, Maya...) are a plus versus Houdini. But lets see if bealobo sees this post and she writes her opinion on this matter Sorry for my english!
  18. Giant Freakin Robot

    Wow! Excellent! Great work! I
  19. City Asset WIP

    I didn
  20. City Asset WIP

    Many thanks Jason! Yes, it needs to be faceted but if I do this I can torres_shading.rar
  21. Random point selection

    Hi guys I want to make a copy of a grid with X objects above. For example 20 grid with a 4 objects at first, 13 objects at second, 5 objects at third, etc. What expression should I put in the Copy SOP? and Where should I put the stamp expression? Sorry for my english, I try to do my best I can