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  1. The (very) first Days...

    Amazing work!
  2. Steampunk Harvessting

    This is my first attempt at steampunk. It is kind of a play on modern helicopter logging. In this case the "helicopter" is modeled after a dragonfly and the "trees" are steel with solar panel leaves. Fun project and I learned quite a bit. Some final editing in Photoshop. Any feedback is great.
  3. rendering sand

    Have you tried sprites? I think they may work well for you.
  4. Bevel text

    I am at work so I can't open your file or try it out but how I have done it before is use an extrude to get the depth, another extrude to get the depth of the extrude and then a Peak to get the size of bevel. If you want to keep it a 45 degree bevel link the second extrude amount with the peak amount. I will try when I get home but it should work for you.
  5. Two Questions...

    I remember seeing somewhere how to search for nodes but can't remember how right off the top of my head. You can save out a geo by right clicking on the node and choose Save Geometry. Then use a File node to bring it back in. This not only cleans up the network but often makes it much quicker as well since it is not having to cook all the nodes.
  6. Expressions Machine....

    That looks great! Is it animated?
  7. Rack Render

    Both projects are looking very good
  8. Formal Dining Scene

    WOW, that is quite the paper. It will take some time to read it with the attention it deserves.
  9. Formal Dining Scene

    Thanks for the comments. I know there are more subtle tweks that can make it look more realistic but it is the most realist scene I have done so far. Thanks for the link Jason, I am checking it out now. As far as Buzz being upset I really don't think this is something that would bother him. I have put a lot into the Buzz community and continue to do so. There is nothing in this post that is trying to draw people away from 3DBuzz.
  10. Formal Dining Scene

    I thought I would share this scene that I did for a contest at 3dbuzz recently. It is 100% Houdini with no touchups.
  11. Command Line Question

    Awesome! I will try it out soon. The shameless plug is great, I wasn't looking for more work, just a solution
  12. Command Line Question

    I have very little experience with scripting in Houdini so I wanted to get some feedback from those of you that do. Is it possible to create a ROP that controls a command line? What I am thinking of is a ROP node that would run the command line for creating a movie file. To my mind it should be very possible but in my looking I can't find a place to start. Any ideas?
  13. I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the range of a parameter in an OTL based on another parameter. I just want to make it so that one parameter can't be moved outside the range of another parameter to safe gaurd against conflicting parameters. I thought maybe opparm might work but I can only get it to affect the value not the range. Any ideas?
  14. "tornado" In The City

    That looks amazing! I downloaded to try it out and can't get it to render though. I have been having major problems with sprites and V9, there must be something I'm missing. Could you give a quick rundown on how to set it up in V9? I did lots with sprites in V8 but I just can't seem to get it with the new system.
  15. Vex Sprite Shader

    I have been trying to do some work with sprites but it has changed enough from V8 that I am having a few difficulties. My main one right now is that if I use a basic shader like VEX Layered or VEX decal it renders fine. I want to use my own custom VEX shader but when I apply it it only renders as spheres. I tried a couple shaders that I made in V* and worked just fine but they do the same thing. Is there something I have to add in VEX to enable it to render as a sprite?