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  1. Add texture to light...

    Hi, I've noticed that there's a "texture map" parameter on Area Light Options, and it's described to be using UV's to project a texture map onto the light plane. However, I can't find a way to modify the UV of the light, even when I dive inside the Light node and drop down some UV related nodes... Is there any ways to do that? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I'm Aureole. I've been trying to wrap my head around Matrix and transformation stuffs lately, but there's still something intriguing to me that I can't figure out, especially pivot and vector cracktransform(int trs, int xyz, int c, vector pivot, matrix xform) function! For example: 1. Where is the "pivot" information stored in a 4*4 matrix ? 2. Apparently typing different "pivot" in the cracktransform function yields different results. Then is there a "correct" pivot to use in the cracktransfrom() function to get a meaningful result? 3. I know that the @pivot intrinsic attribute will be created when a packed prim is created, and this attribute might be the "correct" pivot information to use in the cracktransform function. However, for regular non-packed geometry, is {0,0,0} always the "correct" pivot information to use even if the geometry is not centered at origin?   I don't know if I've expressed myself clearly, pls let me know if you don't get me Many thanks!