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  1. Questions about whitewater sim

    Can you make sure you use a Collision Source node and use a VDB, not polygon geometry? Turn on "Visualize Collisions" in your static object in order to debug your collisions.
  2. Honey drop scene

    I'm trying to animate this honey scene and wondering how I can improve the scene to feel more natural. It's still too nervous to be production ready and doesn't feel super natural yet. Any ideas? meshed-.mp4meshed-.mp4
  3. Swirly Sand Sim

    any ideas?
  4. Swirly Sand Sim

    Is it? I find I can’t advect sand with forces easily without the whole sim goings nuts. Also sand is much slower than flips no?
  5. I'm trying to replicate this effect to learn. I've attached the ref and my flipbook. Feels like I'm close from a setup perspective? Wondering what I could do differently so it feels more sandy. I'm using a flip sim advected by a AA Flow Noise Velocity field. Somehow I don't get the same "sandy" look. Any ideas how to get closer? sand-flip.mov sand-ref.mp4
  6. Any ideas on what the best way is to create a velocity field where particles ALWAYS stay within an object and never leave it and just flow through it's volume? Let's say I wanted particles to randomly move and fly within a letter (let's say letter A) but while always keeping around 1cm of distance to the inner collision of the letter so it never touches or leaves it.