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  1. Yes I did send a bug report to SideFX before posting here actually. Just wanted to hear if anyone else has the same issue, which it seems to be. thanks for the answer! regards stefan
  2. So still on the viewport hunt The reason why these kind of basic questions comes from me now is that we are trying out Houdini as a generalist tool and hope that more Maya artists at work will start using it. So I'm testing a lot of things. This I've tested this ona bunch of computers (and also asked SideFX support) and lastly I get to my home computer which is a iMac (mid 2014) and they all show the same strange artefacts. As you can see in the attached viewport this happens when you have High Detailed Shadows turned on. So when (if) we are going to do animatics also in Houdini this could be a potential thing that would bother me and also my artists. Is anyone also getting this? It's standard plane and a area light. best regards stefan andersson Below, Screenshot at home with Apprentice 16.0.745
  3. so strange, when I open yours and adjust it to what I tried it works... I've attached the file. Thanks for testing it! regards stefan odforce_viewport_color_stan.hip
  4. Hello, I'm having some issues (Linux, Centos7.x) with viewing material colors in the viewport. The way I've assigned them are through groups primitives, but I can't see the colors in the viewport that the shaders has. I've tested with the constant shader, principal shader, etc. But it doesn't show any colors that the diffuse channel has. I'm sure it's a beginners problem, but I'm not sure what regards stefan
  5. FX TD @ Important Looking Pirates

    EU citizens have a clear benefit, but for the right person we do help out with work visas. For overseas people we can also arrange freelance status since it might be a big thing to decide to relocate to Sweden. best regards stefan andersson
  6. FX TD @ Important Looking Pirates

    We are quite a international bunch, so English is the language that is mostly spoken here at the office. No questions are dumb Sorry for the late reply regards stefan andersson
  7. FX TD @ Important Looking Pirates

    FX TD We are looking for an FX TD to work on feature films, tv series and commercials. This position involves creating simulations with particles, fluids, rigid bodies, cloth, hair, fur and more. You will at times be responsible for taking the renders of the effects to final. This is a full-time employment opportunity but we are open to shorter employment possibilities as well. Essential Skills: Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills Creative problem solving and attention to detail A good “eye” for natural motion The ability to work in a methodical way Extensive knowledge of Houdini and/or Maya Knowledge and experience in Nuke Desirable Skills: Skills in other areas of VFX such as camera tracking, modeling, lighting e.t.c Python scripting Programming skills Please apply through our online webform http://ilpvfx.com/jobs/. Don’t forget to select the relevant job opening from the ‘Current Job Openings’ drop down menu.