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  1. Hi! I am using VDB with displacement and I would like the texture to follow the deformations of the displacement. As you see in my example the texture goes missing after VDB displacement. Is there any way to contain the UVs and texture within the transformation?
  2. L-system Dragons and Robots FUN

    That did it! Thank you so much @oneXone
  3. L-system Dragons and Robots FUN

    Thank you for this file @Sleng! This file used to work in Houdini 18 but with Houdini 19 there is a visual glitch that seem to occur starting with the node "foreach_end2". Does anyone know why this occurs? Haven't seen it on any other projects I have. If I try to move the camera the model disappears.
  4. Hi everyone! I have been looking at the work of Tobias Gremmler and wondered if anyone knows how he makes these liquid mutations/transformations and how he makes the texture also seem to stretch and mutate together with the animation?
  5. Copy geo to connecting edges of a mesh.

    This is so cool! Is there a way to use this method to make the object (the lobster) connecting around a mesh like the bodies around the bust in this example @konstantin magnus ?
  6. Hard Feelings

    I finished my digital XR installation Hard Feelings with hard surfaced bodies made possible with Houdini. Huge thanks to @konstantin magnus who gave me the knowledge, and tools to create what I had in mind. The interactive version is available at: https://artsensation.untold.garden/
  7. I didnt see this until now, this is amazing thank you so much @konstantin magnus ! I will play around with this.
  8. Hi! I have been trying to find a path to achieve similar result like Fernando Magalhães has with paint/texture on meshes. Lately I have been playing with Will MacNeils Stroke-It plugin for Houdini, unfortunately it only works for XZ plane at the moment. I was told I could use Stroke-It and then create a point or UV deformer to wrap the paint strokes around the mesh. I tried following the Entagma tutorial "Knitting in 3d: Building a UV Deformer" but my skills in Houdini are still not at the level where I was able to apply it to my needs. If anyone has any tips or tricks that could make this easier I would greatly appreciate it!