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  1. aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa

    eeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A A A A A! To fuck the space!

  3. power of gas repeat solver

    You can see setting a pyro solver in the project, the dynamics of fire depends on many parameters, the cooling rate, fuel parameters, temperature, etc. This project is made for fast, to show how to use the gas repeat solver, for the non standart way. Namely, that with it you can retime the action of a large system such as pyro solver. RBD has been pushed by to use "feedback scale" parameters in pyro solver. This is not the best way, but it is easiest to make an example.
  4. Digital pyrotechnics

    Great stuff! Good for you!
  5. power of gas repeat solver

    There have not tried it, what do you mean? Yes it's integer retiming. You can get a similar effect in other ways. But I do not know method that as simple as a way with gas repeat.
  6. power of gas repeat solver

    Look at the comparison between the two versions with and without, 7-12 frame in attach. This is a brief sketch of the return movement of a short-term downward pressure as a result of the separation shock wave. low pressure.mov
  7. power of gas repeat solver

    This is a optional component of the return motion of the gas, after the separation shock wave. But this is not the essence of the example. The main thing is possibility gas repeat solver in this context.
  8. power of gas repeat solver

    the little example to use gas repeat for a dynamic retime pyro simulations. dinamic retime explosion.mov expl_gas_repeat2.hipnc
  9. power of gas repeat solver

    Very very coolest gas micrisolver appeared in h12. It is gas repeat solver. For example, with it you can implement the logic conditions div(vel) =0 , realized in gas project non divergent DOP and other loop based logics. gas project sim.hipnc
  10. Surface Uber Shader

    Cool shader! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Smoke solver

    Very nice developing tests, thanks! It would be great to make a set of video test, reflecting the effects of key parameters, pyro and flip systems. I've been thinking about this, it would be very helpful.
  12. Tornado R&D

    Nice R&D!
  13. The Sun animation

    Very good sun!
  14. seaplane landing

    Wow! Coolest shot!!!
  15. showreel 2011

    Thanks guys! Double thanks Netvudu, you are right, red mushroom and tornado too lowres, they was deleted)) The clouds shading in initial, it's on 90%, noise structure tuning. cl hip.rar