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  1. Dotted Points in Viewport

    Hi guys, I'm totally a noob at Houdini here. I want to ask that usually when I want to choose some edges from my model, I have this dotted point as if they are not connected. In this scene, I use a group node to choose the edges with delete non-selected, then I applied blast node, then sort node by Y, and used the add node after that. It solved the problem, but I feel that there's a better way to solve this problem. Does anyone know what's the possible cause of this problem? I will provide the hip file in the following attachment. The geometry node is called "big_pillar". Thanks in advance! Week 3.2.hip
  2. Weird Shading Using Sweep Node

    Hi guys, first of all, I'm a beginner at using Houdini, and I have this problem when I'm using sweep node. So, basically, I have this trace that I want to sweep across a line shape. It works in terms of the model, but, it also results in my model with this weird shading. Do you guys know how to fix this? I tried to find this problem on Youtube or Google but it didn't really help in solving my problem. I will provide the hip file if anyone needs it. Thanks in advance! Week 2.7.hip