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  1. campfire again!!!!

    hi~ guys Another campfire again!! Don't want to spent my free time watching TV or do car fixing...so i have started my small and quick personal project "campfire again".... spend about 20min from 0 to here(another maybe 5min render with PBR), will post animation edition tonight... seeking for suggestion for further direction on this campfire,,,put something to burn? Thanks
  2. A different Challenge

    just one question, you want to have fracture Object, liquid simulation and cloth simulation all at the same time??? or we can do it one by one on Dop?
  3. oh~ thanks vectorblur.. that was helpful indeed....
  4. hi~ guys going to ask a very easy question, how can i make a radial color ramp on a grid in SOP VOP? i have put down a uv texture sop already,,but it seem nothing happen....it should be very simple, but.... thanks... ramp_test_1.hipnc
  5. ya~ i got your idea~ actually i have tried before, i have tried to use voronoi fracture to sim the whole piece of ice-burger collapse. during the sim,voronoi fracture does very good job to destroy entire piece of ice one time But how can i apply voronoi fracture to destroy the wing?
  6. Hi~guys Just have a simple question about DOP First of all, i want to make an animation that shows an aircraft crash into the ground, the left-wing touch the ground first, but i don't want to make the entire left-wing disintegrate when collision happen,i just want to disintegrate the left-wing according to the area that intersecting with the ground. and when the aircraft gets lower and lower, the entire left-wing got destroyed by impact. Please have look the image. And i was use Make breakable to the wing, but the result was not very well... Has any got idea? i put "Use Deforming Geometry" as ON, but it's doesn't work well.... Oh,i can't attach my obj file here, so please use just a box instead..thanks Thank in advance~~~~ wing_test.hipnc
  7. Hey~guys Has anyone got Intern position on Sep at Toronto office?? looking for intern-mate ^_^
  8. Thank you so much~ SYmek~ thanks, before your example, i didn't know i can import attribute into VOP and do a comparison.. thanks
  9. Hi~guys I got a question here, should be very simple, but i didn't get through it.... I have put a moving metaball on a deformed surface, and use rippleobject node and ripplesolver node inside the DOP network to sim water ripple, so my question, how can i group those points that only effected by ripplesolver on this deformed surface? i only want to group the area that influenced by dynamics simulation....any ideas????? thanks in advance.DOP_group_test.hipnc Thanks
  10. thanks sam.h, that was very helpful, i did put v into Attribute field, but i didn't get my v in the viewport. but this time, it works! thanks thanks
  11. Thanks, still don't have velocity option here, i have added trail sop in my network already, but i still don't have v option on....
  12. Hi~ guys I just setup a box as RBD object, and i want to see the velocity on each points, but there was nothing here? Why i don't have velocity option here??? Thanks~~~~!!!
  13. My graduation project (Houdini based)

    thanks guys!... thanks i'm still working on this project, and to make it better and better..
  14. hi~guys i got a problem when launching Houdini on Ubuntu11.4....i try to fix~ but.... I have installed Houdini 11.0.701(apprentice) on Ubuntu 11.4, but when i run houdini in terminal, it shows a lists of error: "/opt/hfs11.0.701/hsvg/hsvg-real: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgio-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_cclosure_marshal_VOID_VARIANT" Even with this error, i still can launch houdini on ubuntu, but i got no icon in houdini, all the icons just simply displays as a white square. so,do you know how to fix this? Is this a problem relates to Ubuntu? i already seeking for answer from some linux online communities, but i still can't fix it. anyone got idea how to fix this? thanks in adsvance