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  1. Fracturing Problems

    Thank you !
  2. Fracturing Problems

    Hi, I am making the wall fracture, but in the end , there are some holes at the back side of the wall, (In null8 node), what i need to do in order to fix this problem? here my file week1.hipnc
  3. Rbd material fracture

    Do you mean that?? HouseModel_v001.bgeo.sc file1.hipnc
  4. Rbd material fracture

    Hi, I am going to make explosion of house model, but i am facing some problems, First problem is that, in rbdexplodedview node, why some bricks are well fractured, but others not? , Second one is that, in dop network node, flipbook does not show the object, why?, and the last one is that dop network not working, when i press Play? please share your experience, Thank you in advance ! file1.hipnc
  5. Rigid Body Solver

    I just tried to do that, but i could not, How it worked ?? please share your hip file,
  6. Destruction of Building

    this is my own file house.hipnc
  7. Destruction of Building

    thank you for your help ,I try very hard but I did not find what i wanted, this is because there were lots of Errors, in order to get result, I created a new project and I put all the nodes like your file and changed their parametres, but I did not get best result, please tell me where I am doing wrong?
  8. Destruction of Building

    Hi, this is my first destruction model, i think destruction is not real, please share your knowledge house.hipnc
  9. destruction of wall using voronoi

    Hi, I am new here and in houdini too, I have big interest to FX, and I am going to destroy the wall, But don't know working with voronoi, please share your experience!