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  1. Hi, my question might look like strange, in the picture you can see, there is a crack before the simulation starts ( this is in the rbdbullet solver) , How to fix this ?? here is setup omucikiyos@HPaste
  2. Hi, in my setup I have to connect the passive part to the active part (the explosion starts at frame 5, but due to gravity it falls before the explosion) what should I do?? test.hipnc
  3. Hello, I have a grid , approximately rotated 45 degree by x axis, I extruded it, and I have to make this boolen grid into flip ocean source, but I can't how, Please help
  4. Khikmatillo


    Hi, I have viscous flip setup, I am going to connect viscosity attribute with age attribute , the problem is that, age attribute is 0, it does not change during sim, how can i fix it? here my hip file , please help viscous_flip.hipnc
  5. Hi, I have a little problem, but I can't, the problem is that in sop solver , I am going to fly pscale_max and pscale_min spheres but in the first frame the biggest and the smallest spheres are not the same position with others, How can i do it?? in the first frame they must stay in the same postion, here my hip file, I have a vex code in sopsolver sop_solver.hipnc
  6. Hi guys, I write a simple code for point deformer, and I am interested in doing this in Vops but I cannot find any Vop node for this code ( @P += offset) , How to solve this ?? Here my hip file deform.hipnc
  7. Hi, guys, I have a same problem,(sorry I don not share my geometry) my geometry topology is changing during the vellum sim, and result is very bad, how to make topology unchanged during sim, Please sahre your experince,
  8. Hi, to everyone, I am going to squash these two spheres (in the picture you can see metaphase ) , and from the first frame my spheres must split along the x axis , The problem I have , I cannot move the centroid points along the axis in SopSolver, and second one how to create dynamic constraint , here my file and the reference picture
  9. @Librarian Thank you, I found
  10. Hi, guys, Did anyone of you make cell replication effects, if you had, please share your experience, A week before I began to make cell replication by watching tutorials, here is link https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/vellum-cell-replication-part-2/, this is the part 2 of that tutorial, and I have a problem in this part , in "" SopSolverGeo """, I made all the changes like tutorial, but my cell like """ on and off""", it does not split , here is my hip file cell2.hipnc
  11. Hi, In Dop Network, my Hitters should HIT the ground, but I properly cannot solve this problem, How to fix this, Please ground.hipnc
  12. Hi, @Librarian, Thank you for your reply, I got something useful, but another problem arose, The problem is that , I have 8 points to burst, but in PyroBurstSource, only five points are bursting , how to fix this ? ground.hipnc
  13. Hi, In RBD simulation, i am going to make ground destruction, the problem is that ""WHERE THE POINT HITS , THAT PLACE MUST BE BROKEN """" what is the best solution to fix it ?? here my hip file ground.hipnc
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